december 7...

Well we are still waiting to find out what the total damage will be on the wheelchair lift van. I am confident (knees knocking together) that the Good Lord has provided more than enough through the awesome gifts that you beautiful people have given in the past few days. So we will know more on Monday. The dryer repair dude comes on Thursday and I pray that is the last repair we see for December (please, please pretty, pretty please God. No more K??)

I ventured out early this morning to do the prerequisite winter storm grocery run. You know the one where you stock up on TP, milk and eggs. Well I survived the Walmart. It was a very close call in the marshmallow fluff aisle. But baby got skilz so tomorrow there will be fudge making. SCORE!! We also have saltines, tomato soup and hot cocoa along with the milk, eggs and TP. The ice and wintery mix should begin tomorrow morning or so the weather guesser says.  We shall see. Nothing like a little weather drama to make life interesting.

Miss Courtney had a VERY hard day yesterday. By the time she finally fell asleep last night she had suffered through seven grand-mal seizures each lasting 3-4 minutes. She was exhausted and so was I. After a quick phone consult with the Doc and we came up with a med adjustment to try and avoid the ER and thankfully it was successful. So no hospital stay for us this weekend. WAhoo!!

She slept peacefully last night and has been seizure free since then. She smiled and laughed today which was so very good for this Mama to see and hear. I know everything is OK if she is humming and laughing. Thanks to all of you who prayed for her and lifted her very tired Mama in prayer yesterday. We needed everyone of them.

Have a wonderful evening. I know that I am headed for an early bedtime since Miss Courtney is already asleep. For those of you reading this suffering through rough weather, please be safe. I pray all goes well for you and your families.

Happy Saturday ALL!!