electricity rocks!

Ahhhhh...I am finally warm. The power came back on late yesterday afternoon after being out for almost 18 hours. Ice is not a power lines friend.

I woke up to falling snow this morning. It's quite a beautiful sight...when one is warm and toasty inside.  Some fabulous news to share is that Big Bertha is home!! She's all better AND we had enough donations left over to pay the outstanding balance on Courtney's therapy bill at the hospital!! Wahoo!! Once more you beautiful awesome readers have made out lives a little sweeter. I am so incredibly thankful for ALL of your help both spiritual and practical. We are so blessed. So very, very blessed.

Big Bertha is home and ALL better thanks to you!!
Things here are quiet today. I forget how the snow tends to slow life down in these parts. When I went outside this morning to take a few photos, it was so quiet.

A beautiful quiet.

I just stood there for a few moments with the snow falling silently taking in this stunning winter wonderland.

Then I came in to my nice warm cozy house and made a steaming hot cup of tea.

Yes, power is a beautiful thing.

Miss Courtney is still snuggled in sound asleep as I type this. I am letting her keep her own schedule these days. It's better for both of us. This way she sleeps as much as she needs to and Mama get's a few things done in the quiet.  I know this will change as the seasons do but for now it's working for us.

Today will bring a pot of lentils on the stove for lunch and beef roast in the oven for dinner. Hearty and hot food is the name of the game. I may even bake, you never know. Then there will be some stitching, probably some ironing (because there is always some of that to be done) and maybe later Miss C and I will snuggle in for a little holiday movie matinee. "Meet Me in St Louis" or  "Miracle of 34th Street"...hmmm...hard choices to make today.

I pray you are warm and you have power wherever you are. Blessings friends and thank you for your love and support...

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