in one day...

In the last 24 hours...

** stopped counting the hours since Courtney's last seizure. It was last Thursday afternoon. She has not had one since. We are hopeful once more.

** Enjoyed an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Sunday with 67 degree weather that felt like Spring instead of winter. I am OK with the occasional weather break but now it's almost Christmas so cold and snow would be OK with me.

** hung up all the Christmas Cards we have received in the mail. I do love each and every one of them, bringing our family lots of love from those near and far way.

** Courtney has laughed and smiled...laughed and smiled...and then laughed and smiled again

** I made a lovely pan of GF baked ziti. Can I just say that pasta + italian sausage + cheese = heaven!!

** Attended Mass and witnessed a beautiful soul, MIss Katrina, enter the Catholic Church. What a privilege it is to be present as someone enters into the Sacraments. She was Baptized, Confirmed, and had her First Communion. She is now in college but began her journey attending our high school youth group with her best friend. You never know how God will work but by being open to His message, Miss Katrina is now a Christian. What an awesome Christmas present for the Baby Jesus!!

** sipped a cup of hot coffee while my beautiful girl sat and watched her favorite Christmas lights, smiling the whole time. Oh, my heart is bursting with how I love this girl.

** listened to her big brother Jonathan read to Courtney. Those two are my heart. When they laugh together, there is NOTHING better on planet eaarth. Nothing!

** I watched my daughter smile when the choir at church sang. She went to Mass for the first time in a month and I think she was very happy to be there. I know that I was happy to have her beside me once more.

** Sat with my sweet friend Karen who is in the final stages of brain cancer. Our mutual friend Sharon and her family joined us as well. We sang Christmas Carols, sipped a celebratory Sherry and facetimed with another friend in Alabama. Karen's time here on earth is coming to an end. She can no longer speak and is completely bed ridden, yet all I see when I look at her is one spunky Brit who always makes me laugh and would do anything for a friend. My life has been richly blessed by this soul and it is an honor and privilege to spend time with her. I left knowing that this might be my last visit. My heart is heavy and full of love at the same time.

** watched my sweet husband try to do Miss Courtney's hair for Mass. To say that it was not a successful attempt would be a monumental understatement. There are some things that Mama's are just better at. Controlling curly hair is one for them. Just sayin.

** prayed the Prayers of ST Joseph for Miss Helen who went home to our Lord early Sunday morning, surrounded by her four children. She was ready to meet Jesus. I pray that one day I am as ready.

** Got to hold the precious Miss Ellie at church. She is a ten month old butterball who reminds me of Miss Courtney at that age. She is blonde, blue eyed, bald wonder and she loves to touch my Courtney's curls. She is so dang cute. Oh how I love the little ones.

** attended a special Holy Hour to pray for sweet Amelia. a beautiful young lady who is currently in Children's Hospital. She has lesions on her brain and the doctors are stumped. They are not malignant, nor are they a biological (ie. an amoeba). SO more than 200 people gathered at our parish to pray for wisdom, strength and grace for all involved. May I ask for your prayers as well for this sweet 12 year old? Thank you friends.

** found a gift of lovely liquors on the front porch given by a Secret Santa. We are just spoiled my friends. There are not enough "Thank You's"...

** sat with my beloved husband in complete silence for an entire hour reading. It was BLISS!

** listened to Christmas carols, folded laundry, washed dishes, dusted furniture, mopped floors and sewed a few things.

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