Miss Courtney's days...

It's been a crazy day here and it's only 3:45 p.m.

Geez you must really get tired of me saying that. I mean after all, aren't ALL my days crazy? Yes, I suppose they are but that is life in these parts.

With Miss Courtney I never know what will be. Take today for instance...

We got up early and as I was getting her ready for physical therapy. It was going to be our first trip out in a week now that "Big Bertha" is back home. She decided in that moment to have a six minute grand-mal seizure.

So, no physical therapy, no trip out in "Big Bertha". I put her back in bed and she slept for another two hours or so. I paced the house, biting my nails dreaming of all the wild and crazy things one could do OUTSIDE my house.

Insane things like get a latte and got to the grocery store or maybe even Costco. I know, I know. I live on the edge. Totally.

When she finally woke up, I finished getting her dressed and I fed her some oatmeal. The sun was out and cabin fever had set in BIG TIME. So I decided we were going to try this whole "going out' thing one more time.

Me and Courtney...we were making a run for it. We were going out in "Big Bertha". My heart beat a little faster and my hands began to shake at the excitement.

Then I spent the next 45 minutes getting the princess in her hat, coat, mitten and boots. You see how excited she is about this. Oh yeah. My girls loves her some winter mittens...NOT!

"Mittens Mom? Seriously? It's only 35 degrees you know."
So we headed out into wonderland better known as NoVa and it was glorious. First stop was the Starbucks Drive-Thru for a lovely latte thanks to a gift card my sweet friend had sent through the mail. I felt so spoiled. While waiting in line, I looked back at Miss Courtney as she giggled with total delight. 

"I did it Mama!! Woot Woot!"
She had gotten her hat and mittens off. She was so very proud of herself. So very proud. She giggled for the next five minutes while I sipped my latte heading to the grocery store. 

Miss Courtney loved every minute of it. The bright sunshine, the noise in the store, the sweet little old ladies who ooohed and ahhhed over her and her curls. She loved listening to the Christmas music in the van and having me sing to her up and down the aisles. 

We lost all the food in both of our fridges/freezers during the ice storm. Thank goodness we didn't loose the deep freeze. Of course the 

Anyway, Miss Court and I picked up a few basics and then we headed home.

Once home, I fed her lunch and she spent the next hour happily singing and humming, thrilled to be out of her winter coat, hat and mittens.

I mean look at her face and that slap happy grin.

I wish I could say that she is still humming and singing but alas, shortly after I took the picture above she had another 7 minute grand-mal seizure. It was a bad one. Lips turning blue and everything. Thankfully she was still in her wheelchair so I just tipped it back afterwards as she slept.

adaptive equipment ROCKS!!
She is still asleep. I know I would be if I went through what she did. 

So I type this little post while sipping a hot cup of tea, grateful for the time we had to get out of the house and see the world around us even if it was just the grocery store. I am grateful that I could get in the van and do what needed to be done.

This is the season of giving. You all have given us so much and we are forever thankful. Seizures or no seizures, I am grateful for the life I have and the daughter I have been given to love.

Now, to find some chocolate. Can you believe I left the store without any?? Silly, silly me.