things I can do with one arm...

** unload and re-load the dishwasher
** write Christmas cards. Jerry has to stuff them in to the envelopes.
** snuggle and read books to my daughter
** watch the Lord of the Rings (all three extended versions)
** write in my prayer journal
** pray the Rosary
** plug in the Christmas tree lights
** stir cream into my coffee
** light the Advent wreath
** hold my husband hand
** take my meds
** lift a yummy cookie to my mouth
** read books and more books
** stir the soup re-heating on the stove
** put on my boots to go for an early morning walk
** hold my daughter while she has a seizure...only one so far thank the Lord
** appreciate all my guys are doing for me to pick up the slack
** type this post

I pray you all are enjoying these days of rest and celebration surrounded by those you love most. The swelling in my arm is going down and the pain subsiding. I did not tear the muscle thank goodness, just pulled it. Better living through chemistry I say. I still can't drive or lift Miss Courtney but the guys are helping with that. I must say my princess daughter is enjoying all the extra attention from her big brother and Papa. Her Mama is as well.

Blessings and Grace to you and yours my friends. From our pajama clad household to yours.