three days...

Miss Courtney getting a little water before bedtime via G-tube...
It has been almost three days since Miss Courtney has had a seizure.

THREE DAYS people!!

If you could see me now just imagine "Snoopy Dance" Baby!! I think we may have found the right dosages of seizure meds for our girl.

I wish I could put into words how I am feeling tonight. Lighter, less burdened and full of hope. I realize that everything could be turned on it's head tomorrow, but for tonight, we are dancin in the streets!

OK...maybe just dancin in the kitchen. Do the Dougie! DO the Dougie! Woot! Woot! bad...

Anyhow, my girl is singing and humming and expressing herself again. I am hoping for a smile and maybe even a giggle or two tomorrow. I just know she's going to bust one out just for her Mama.

SO keep praying my friends. The tide is turning and things are looking up for Courtney.

In other news, we got four...count them FOUR...whopping medical bills in today's mail. You know what though? I don't care.

I DON'T CARE!! My girl is on her way back to us and that is PRICELESS!!!

So, Merry Almost Christmas to everyone and to all a goodnight!!