through snow and sleet...what I wore sunday ~ vol. 39

What I wore last week to Mass...

This is going to be a crazy edition of What I Wore Sunday, so buckle up friends here we go...

I live in Northern VA about 30 minutes west of Washington DC. If you have ever lived here or visited during the winter time you know this area is notorious for going into a city/county wide panic when the little white flakes begin to fall.

I mean they go ape s$#@ crazy. The stores are jammed with people buying enough rations for a month long hibernation and NO ONE can drive well in this stuff at all...

We were all ready to attend the 5 p.m. Mass tonight at our parish. I was on the schedule to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and then after Mass Jerry and I have Youth Ministry. Since we didn't want to take Miss Courtney out in the ice/sleet/snow without her wheelchair lift van we made the decision for her to remain home today. Big brother Jonathan went to Mass at 7:30 a.m. then settled in for a day of football followed by some babysitting later on.

Saint Nicholas brought me this fabulous coffee cup with an ornament in it last Friday.
I heart St. Nicholas Day!

At least that was the original plan.

It all came apart around noon.

First came the text from our Youth Minister that tonight's activities were canceled. We called the church to check and make sure the 5 p.m. Mass was still on. The front office said "yes" so we continued sipping hot coffee while hanging out in our jammies.

Then at 12:22 came the text that the 5 p.m. Mass was canceled due to weather concerns.


Thankfully we live about 5 minutes away from another parish so in a flurry of activity, I threw on jeans, boots and a clean sweatshirt. At least I thinks it's clean. I just grabbed whatever I came to first.  Add a vest and scarf and Jerry and I were on our way to catch the 12:30 Mass. We arrived (safely) as the first reading was about to begin.

What I Wore Sunday...I promise it was all clean...I think...
Boots (target), Vest (Lands End), Jeans (Jessica Simpson),
Sweatshirt (Walmart), Scarf (Xmas Gift 2010) 

Phew!! We made it. God obviously knew where we would be worshiping this morning because the ho,ily was awesome and really made me stop and think about Advent and how I have been sort of ignoring the whole personal preparation aspect of this liturgical season.

Father W. compared the snow soaking into the ground preparing it for the Spring to what we need to so in our hearts and minds preparing for the arrival of the KING. He talked about forgiveness and recharging our personal relationships with Christ. Trust me when I say these are the cliff's notes because he really made me think. There is much to ponder in this season of hope.

Now we are home and Miss Courtney is all snuggled like a bug in a rug with her Papa. My son is sound asleep on the sofa snoring just like his Papa (who is snoring in his favorite chair) and after I post this, there is a cross-stitch project waiting for me.

Well, there you have it. Plan B on a Sunday. Gotta love snow.

Happy Sunday Y'all!!


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