wait and see...then wait and see some more...

Miss Courtney had a pretty good night.

She slept for about four hours in one stretch followed by waking up every ninety minutes or so for the remainder of the night. I would rub her back or sooth her until she went back to sleep.  Only two small seizures through the night which is an improvement over the night before.

This morning my day began with a lovely dentist appointment. Apparently I have beautiful gums. I'll take that and a box of floss any day of the week.

Miss Courtney and I headed down to Georgetown to see Miss Pam to make up Court's PT session we missed on Wednesday. She did pretty well. She was definitely sluggish but it was wonderful to see that she has not lost any skills due to the increase in seizures.

We also consulted with her Neuro team to try and figure out a) what may be causing the increase in seizures and b) what we can do to help her. It looks like we will be making a few adjustments to her meds. Then wait and see if it helps.

Can I just say how much I hate the whole "wait and see" aspect to this whole process?? Well I hate it with a grand passion.

Needless to say the next 30 days may be some tough going for our girl. That's how long it takes for the meds to be fully incorporated into her system. So for now we make a small adjustment then wait and see.

I am tired. Courtney is tired. I will admit that we are struggling to find the Christmas spirit this year. Struggling indeed. I have not baked one cookie and my sewing is way behind. Maybe I will find the energy to get it all done in time.

So that's where we stand. Thank you for your prayers and support my friends. You are such a gift to us.

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