7 Quick Takes ~ 2014...vol. 1

It has been forever since I have done this little link-up with Jen @ Conversion Diary. Since I have not left my house in five days...FIVE DAYS PEOPLE...and I am going a little stir crazy, I thought I would join in on all the fun.

I got an email the other day from the fabulous Bonnie @ A Knotted Life informing me that I have been nominated for TWO Sheenazing Blogging Awards. I feel like I've won the blogging lottery!!! How cool is that. You mean people actually read this blog that aren't related to me by blood?? How did that happen?? So if you have a moment, would you mind heading over and voting for this little slice of blogland? I would so appreciate it. I am nominated for "Best Blog by a Mom" and "Most Inspirational Blog". Whoever nominated me, thank you so much. You don't have to have a blog or be Catholic to vote. You just have to be breathing...LOL!  Here's the link. 

go vote now!!

What a lovely gift in the midst of SNOWMAGEDDON 2104". It really means a lot to me that someone would take the time to nominate me. Truly it does. So thanks. Have you seen the list.? Holy buckets. So many awesome blogs. It's an honor just to be nominated.

Speaking of "Snowmageddon 2014"...I live about 45 minutes outside of Washington DC and let me tell you...when there is snow in the forecast, all hell breaks loose. I mean the Pres heads to the bunker and the First Lady to Hawiaii, the local weathermen go insane naming everything with "...mageddon" after it. So apparently 5 inches of snow in the suburbs of Northern VA counts as Snowmageddon 2014". Seriously?? I lived in Maine for thee years and let me tell you what Snowmageddon looks like. When you can't see the other side of the highway because the snow is piled up so high...THAT is "...mageddon"

5 inches?? Not so much.

I will now show you what Snowmageddon 2014 looks like from my house...

If you can still see the house...than I do not consider it "...mageddon" worthy. It's just a freaking snowstorm people!!

There I feel better now. Have I mentioned that I have not left the house in FIVE DAYS!! Yea...help!

When you're home for FIVE DAYS INA ROW you surf the net quite a bit. I found this fabulous new shoe collection from Sarah Jessica Parker sold at Nordie's. Oh My Shoe! Look at these divine pieces of beauty...sigh...

I absolutely love the color range and the design astethic. The photos are from O Magazine. Check out this little diddy...

I mean hello darlin...you need to come live at my house. I'll take that clutch as well. They are screaming "Spring is coming...Spring is coming..." aren't they?? Please say yes. As much as I love winter (and I do), I could use a day of 40 degree temps and not 20 degree temps. You know what I'm sayin?

You are probably wondering why I haven't left my house in FIVE DAYS (and if you aren't, I am going to tell you anyway). It's because of this beautiful creature (with her handsome Daddy)

Miss Courtney is doing really well these days. Her seizures are down to about one grand-mal a day and that is fantastic for her. But this cold weather is not her friend. Her lungs do NOT like this cold. So I put on my yoga pants and flannel shirt. Then I put her yoga pants and flannel shirt on her and we hang out in our nice warm house until the thermometer hits 35-40 degrees. Then we RUN to the nearest mall and walk our way through the morning. This way her Mama, an extrovert to the MAX, can take in all the stimuli she needs to fortify herself through the next few days curled up at home. Have coffee, will travel.

If you haven't watched the Vlogs my hubby and I did last weekend, well then you are missing out on some serious laughter. Go on and check them out. Make sure your not drinking anything at the time because you may regret cleaning your computer screen six or seven times. I'm just saying. We will be making another one tomorrow titled "What they didn't tell you in Marriage Prep". Oh yeah...we have 25 years of experience to draw for that one. So stop on by.

That's it. That is all I've got. So let's kick off the weekend with a little outtake form a few weeks ago "What I Wore Sunday" Post. Apparently I was doing  little Rockette imitation. I have no idea what was happening with my mouth. Cleaning the spinach off my teeth maybe?? I might have been reliving my disastrous cheerleading tryout in the sixth grade. That nightmare will never leave me.

Yes. I am a spaz of the highest order and I am not afraid to share those special spaz moments with the world. I mean seriosuly. Why hide greatness. That's it. It's all I've got. I need to get out of my house like NOW!! Snowmageddon be damned.

Have a great weekend Y'all.

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