** i heart snow **

Last night winter came upon us sharing it's glory and wonder, kissing the ground with it's crystal lips and leaving behind some absolutely beautiful scenery.

What I love most about the snow is the quiet that it brings. Have you ever stood outside while it's snowing?

Silence. Absolute silence.

It's bewitching and beguiling, calling me out into the cold with my boots on and camera in hand to capture the magic of the moment.

This morning my Courtney woke up smiling and laughing. The sun is shining bright and the bitter cold wind is sweeping the wintry landscape back and forth like a ball in a tennis match. The silence is gone and the world has woken up, getting back to the noisy routines of daily life.

I miss my silence. I hope it will come again before the spring leaps forth with a rainbow of beauty all it's own.