let's start at the very beginning...

...it's a very good place to start.

A New Year is upon us. Out with the old and in with the new. It feels like I should bust open the windows and let the breeze of 2014 come through my home clearing out all the old funk and bringing in a new spirit of gratefulness and gratitude for the life I have been given.

I will readily admit that things got a little dicey for me emotionally and spiritually toward the end of 2013, as was evident in my grumbling here.

BUT...it's a NEW YEAR...ripe with hope and possibility.

I sat next to my beloved this morning as we attended Mass together celebrating the beautiful feast of the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. It was a lovely mass filled with the Divine Word and of course the most precious sacrament of the Hoy Eucharist.

How wonderful to begin the New Year by receiving Him who has come to save the world. I know that my world needs saving every single day and I will be forever grateful for My Lord who cam to take away my sin and give me new life in Him.

A NEW life in the NEW year.

So what's this new year going to look like? What resolutions have I made? Goals? Wishes? Pleading prayers?

Well I have decided this year that I am not going to do any of that. Why? Because every year I do and by March it's all gone to he** in a hand basket and I am more frustrated than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

I have promised my self that I will do my best to face each day with grace and humility. To smile when I really want to punch someone and to serve and care my family as my parents taught me to. I will try to wake early, spend time with the Holy Word and work diligently through the day making my home a happy and comfortable place to be.  I will strive to be a better steward of our finances and the resources provided our family.

I will endeavor to feed my family healthy, wonderful food that we hopefully will share together at the family table. This has been the hardest transition for me as my son is now working full-time and out of school but still living at home. Planning a family meal time around his and my husbands work schedule can be challenging but I can can do better. I know it.

I will work hard to help my sweet Courtney achieve whatever goals God intends for her to achieve. You never know what each day will bring with my girl but I do know that time is fleeting and I don't want to regret one moment of her life once she rests with Our Lord for eternity. So Miss Court and I have some things to do this year as far as her therapy goes and I will work hard to make sure her quality of life is the very best it can be.

There is a memoir to finish, several rooms in the house to paint, curtains to sew and clothes and crafts to make. My door is always open to whomever drops in, wether your stay is minutes or hours. Know that you, your children no matter what age or ability and your spouses are always welcome in my home. If you live in the DC Metro area and you want to set up a play date/visit/counseling session over brownies, don't hesitate to email me. (mary_romance@cox.net) We are not strangers you and I. We are here to encourage each other on this journey of motherhood/sisterhood/wifedom. So come on by. The coffee is hot and the tea kettle ready. Brings those babies and toddlers that crawl up the bookcases. Nothing but the people are irreplacable in my home. I may even have you help fold the laundry. You never know.

So Happy New Year my sweet friends. May it be blessed and filled with abundant joy and peace for you and those you hold dear.