pay it forward 2014...

I love this!! Love, love, love it. What a great way to start my day. Thanks Kristen H. for the inspiration on facebook this morning.  I will up the anty to 10 people because I have been beyond blessed:

Pay-It-Forward 2014: 
The first ten friends to comment on this post that they want to play will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a random gift... It will be a total surprise. (The rules say "maybe it will be a candle, jewelry, gift card, movie, collectible figurine, food, kitchen stuff, home decor" .... who knows? .... but chances are it will be something special chosen with thought & picked just for you by me). There will be NO warning and it will be sent to you whenever inspiration hits me. If you're one of my ten, I will confirm by replying to your comment/emailing you. No double-ups though if you have already responded on facebook. Think homemade jam, maybe cookies, maybe something never know. Make sure to send me your address in a private email. Let the games begin!