Today has been challenging but not in the typical manner.

Miss Courtney has peed through THREE complete outfits today from top to bottom. I mean the lined adult diaper and everything.

Sweet Mama I am tired of doing the laundry. First there were bed sheets and PJ's, followed by outfit #1 two hours later. Then outfit #2  three hours later. Currently she is still wearing outfit #3 but bedtime will arrive shortly. I think we have a shot and making it.

Now I could just sit here an bitch about it...oh wait...oooopsie...


I could look at the #positivesideoflife. One year ago we were worried about her liver and kidneys shutting down. She was in the hospital and things were not looking good. One of the seizure meds she was taking was shutting her organs down and we had to make a BIG change in the weeks ahead.

It was scary as hell and not a whole lot of fun for sure.

Praise God that change worked.

Today, I have done five loads of laundry and that's just Courtney laundry. I think her kidneys are doing just fine on these new seizure meds. So bring on the homemade detergent , Oxyclean and Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets.

Better than a hospital stay anytime.

bring on the pee baby. Mama's got this!