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It is COLD her in Northern VA.

I know, you are probably colder where you are but for us, 12 degrees is a mighty chilly.

Things are slowly getting back to normal after we had "Snowmageddon 2014" this past week. Just typing that makes me giggle. I mean we got about 5 inches of snow but holy buckets, you would think the end of the world was coming. LOL!

I have worn these boots everywhere for the last week. Out to the trash cans. Out to the mailbox. Out to scrape off the ice from the van. Back from the trash can. Back in form the mail box and back in form the van-scrape-a-thon. I know. You want my life. I know you do.

ANyhoo, like I said things are pretty quiet her in Chez Lenaburgland. I am so not complaining. This means that we are not in the hospital. That is something that I am A-OK with. Miss Courtney is doing really well right now.

She has been making faces at me all morning long. She is pretty funny that girl is.

My house is in kind of a shambles and I have no one to blame but myself. I am really ready to go somewhere and do something so to curb my antsy cabin fever I have been organizing my recipe collection, emptying cabinets and de-cluttering.

This is what is left behind.

Ach! I need to get with it and clear this away before dinner time or we will be eating on the floor and that just would not due.

I have been trying to base my menu plans on what we have in the deep freeze and pantry. So tonight it will be spinach and cheese ravioli with homemade pesto from this past summers basil crop. Gotta love that deep freezer. Summer freshness in the middle of winter. Ahhh...

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