the second day of the new year...

...began with my sweet girl smiling and laughing. Can I tell you how wonderful it is to start the day with giggles and smiles? It is pretty flipping awesome.

Miss Courtney has had a lovely day. She has done her tummy time exercises and eaten all of her yummy healthy food her Mama has diligently prepared for her. She was even kind enough to NOT sneeze on m while eating. Such a young lady we are raising.

I had a good day with my homemaking as well. The table linens are washed, ironed and put away. The laundry that has been washed is all folded an put away. There are leftovers for dinner and I am ready to start a new cross-stitch project. I had a lovely visit from my sweet neighbor Sharon AND I started an on-line writing class that will last the next few weeks. There were letters from friends far away in the mail as well as a very sweet surprise.

Yes...a lovely day indeed...there was music playing on the iPod...the peppermint candles were lit and the house smelled sweet...


...come on you knew there had to be a then...this IS my life we are talking about here...

...then... son yelled from the main bathroom (where he was showering before work) that things were coming back up in the tub...yucky things (my words, not his).

The bathtub was backing up with sewage and so was the main toilet. Needless to say it was his fastest exit from a shower ever. He had to rinse his hair out in the kitchen sink.

Well crap.


Ri.dic.u.lous. That is my life people.!

So it turns out that the main sewage line leaving the house was blocked by a tree root of some kind causing the major back flow or so said the plumber man. Needless to say those peppermint candles did their job brilliantly today, as have the bathroom cleaning supplies that got a fair workout. I have disinfected everything in that room at least twice.

Yep, icky things make me want to clean...a lot. The shower curtains have been washed and are rehung and now the room smells like lemons and not...that other stuff.

You could eat out of my bathtub...not that you'd want to but I'm just saying, it would be safe.

So on the second day of the new year there was peace, tranquility and a plumbing bill. Golly, if the rest of the year goes as well...I just don't know how I will handle the excitement.

Happy Thursday Y'all!!

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