what i wore sunday ~ vol. 40...

It has been some time since I participated in What I Wore Sunday so I thought I would try and jump back in today. It has been a crazy month here in Lenaburgland but it is now a NEW YEAR...so wahooo!! Let's see if we can get this party started shall we??

I reached my weight goal for the holidays, which simply means, I didn't gain any weight in the last six weeks. Wahoo!! So everything zipped and I could sit and breathe at the same time. So.very.happy.

We go to 5 p.m. Mass since both Jerry and I are on the Core Team of our parishes Youth Ministry. Miss Courtney usually comes with us and the kids are fabulous with her. Tonight we had a special program as our pastor would be blessings the Epiphany water which is used in all the holy water fonts, baptismal font as well as the water used in blessing the people and sacramental objects. It can only be "made" one day of the year, the liturgical Feats of the Epiphany which was today.

Knowing it would be a little bit later evening, Miss Courtney took a nap in preparation. This is the only picture I took of her today. She was sound asleep when I took my photos and we don't wake up sleeping children in this house unless it's time to leave for Mass. She is wearing her new Hannah Anderson sweater her Grandma gave her for Christmas. It is long and warm, perfect for my girl. She had just survived her Sunday bath when I took the photo, so her curls were still damp. She is so darn sweet my girl is...when she's sleeping...

I was so excited to actually wear something other than a flannel shirt and leggings. I got this lovely skirt on a 40% off the SALE price at Talbots. It's wool, fully lined and I love the plaid. I paid less than $30 for it. SCORE!! I know I will wear it bunches, even as I continue to lose weight. Since it's a straight skirt it's easy to take in. I realized this morning that I do not own any colored tights but black. Hmmm...I really wanted to wear this with some navy colored ones, so we will have to see if I can rectify that.

I paired it with my cream cowl neck sweater from Dress Barn that was purchased with a gift certificate I was given as a Secret Santa gift. It goes with so much in my wardrobe that I think it will be come a staple for winter and spring.

The boots are from Target and were $19.99. Seriously good deal for fakeo pleathero. They have a stretchy panel in the back for my honkin big calves. Yippee for me!! The vest also from Dress Barn, purchased at the same time as the sweater. It's the only thing I own with fake fur and I really like it. It's quite warm too.

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