what I wore sunday ~ vol.43...

Today was a different kind of day for us. Quiet, thoughtful, punctuated with some errand running, church going and youth ministry attending. Miss Courtney has been a little out of sorts not really wanting to be held but wanting Mama or Papa to be close by with gentle kisses and back rubs. Not really sure what is going on but when these days come, this Mama pays attention because something is coming our way fer sure.

It's one of the times in life that I wish my daughter could talk to me and tell me what hurts. I gotta say that it's one of the most challenging things about having a special one like Miss Courtney. I just wish she could talk to me but since she can't ready her body language is all I have. So my girl stayed home once more from Mass and got a few extra kisses from her Papa. I totally forgot to take photos of my outfit for What I Wore Sunday. As we heading out for Mass, I realized this error and had Jerry take a quick snap on my phone.

I wore a JCrew scarf (a gift) that is in a camo pattern. I love it. Too fun to wear. I also had on a sweater, blouse and skirt from Dress Barn and boots from DSW. Sorry you really don't see those. Oopsie.

Todays post is short and sweet. Mama duties are calling me for the night ahead. I hope you all had a fabulous Sunday filled with lot's of laughter and love. May you have a peaceful night ahead.

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