and ode to big bertha and an absentminded mama...

The day dawned bright and clear making this Mama thankful that Spring was near.

Only half a day to wait for Daddy's returnleaving this Mama  and her princess girl a few hours to burn

Knowing that a visit to Jesus's house was the way to go
all was going smoothly until Big Bertha said oh no, no, no

Something else with the van you say?
oh yes indeed, Princess Courtney's powerful steed, oy vey
the ramp would not go, it refused to work well
and left us cold and waiting and saying...."that's just swell"

You see the van lift made a remarkable sound
one similar to a baseball bat that goes schwack
But no home run for this Mama and daughter
only the burning electrical smell and a decision to go back.

"But no worries" said Mama as she closed the van doors.
"We have Daddy's red dragon waiting to escort"
As Mama began the eternal prayer "Why.ME.Lord"
she lifted Princess Court aboard and off they went to visit the Lord.

You would think that such drama would be enough for one day, but alas as we all know, life never works that way
once the ball of crap begins rolling down,
it never really stops until it splatters all around.

Once we arrived Mama placed Princess Court into her pink stroller so neat and so slick 
She was then careful to lock all all her belongings safely inside with a click
Whoops, her cell phone, her keys and wallet...oh my!
But did Mama went on fearlessly and did not even cry!

Off to Mass they went praying once more the prayer of her heart,
"Seriously Lord, I am falling apart."
So she waited and waited enjoying the sunshine and clear,
for her husband to appear with 65 teenagers all smiling from ear to ear.

Thankfully her knight in shining armor appeared with his own set of keys
and said, "Don't worry, we'll get coffee and you'll be fine, you'll see!"
So we stopped to get the fine beans that were filtered and oh so tasty
and now we're safely home and ready to face our Monday, you'll see!

the end


For those who are unable to interpret the above poem, simply put, Big Bertha's wheelchair lift broke and I had to take Courtney to Mass in Jerry's car. Once at Mass I locked my keys, wallet and cell phone in the car. I took a deep breath went into Mass, had Courtney anointed after Mass (for the increase in seizures she is currently having) and then waited in the sunshine another two hours for Jerry to get back from Youth Ministry retreat, laughing the whole time at my idiocy.

Upon Jerry's return he simply said "Of course it broke. What else can go wrong? We had a great weekend with the kids where the Holy Spirit was very present and the devil is trying to get the best of me. Well, too bad. We will figure out how to proceed from here tomorrow. "


Now for a little bloggy bidness. Tomorrow we start the 7 Day Blog Challenge along with Jen@Conversion Diary, where I will post mundane, totally boring and completely useless blog posts to empty my brain and help overcome my rabid perfectionism. Or maybe they will be fabulously funny, extremely motivating and inspirational and make you feel like you are living your BEST life. Or maybe I'll just be me for seven straight days and you know what that means. There will be seven days of chocolate caffeinated rants on everything form critiquing the USA Olympic Closing Ceremony uniforms to what's happening with Miss Courtney to how I battled my Spanx or how my skinny jeans rejected me yet again. You can't wait. I know. I can't either.

LOL! That's right. YOLO Baby! Let's just see what unfolds shall we. Be afeared. Be very afeared.

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