coffee for your heart #6 ~ you will be ok, no matter what...

It's Wednesday which means you get to hear/see me for our weekly visit. It's time for a little "Coffee for Your Heart" part of Holly Gerth's 2014 Encouragement Project. A moment to take a deep breath and spread a little love and encouragement over the interwebs.

This week Holly asks the question: You will be OK because...

Oh my friends, if I know anything, I know will all be OK. Trust me, I live this every single day of my life with my Courtney. God has never abandoned my girl. Never. 

If you need an immediate example, look at yesterday. I mean seriously?? It's miracle city over here. God is in control and as long as I let go of the reins, it might not be smooth ailing, but I have no fear about where I will end up. 

It's when I hold on to tightly to those reigns of control that everything goes south really fast. So let go today my friends. Let go and let God. He's got this battle already won. So no matter where you are today, feeling exhausted or feeling energized, God is in control. Everything is going to be A-OK. 

He promised us that...on the Cross. 

Encouragement Video #6 - You will be OK no matter what... from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

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