coffee for your heart #8 ~ who inspires you?

It's Wednesday which means you get to hear/see me for our little weekly visit. It's time for "Coffee for Your Heart" part of Holley Gerth's 2014 Encouragement Project. A moment to take a deep breath and spread a little love and encouragement over the interwebs.

This week Holly asks the question: Who inspires you?

Coffee for Your Heart #8 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

I need to add my husband to this list. I got so emotional I knew I couldn't talk about him without really blubbering. This beautiful man who gives 100% every single day. He loves us with all he has and we are better for it. I assure you. I don't know where we would be without him and his commitment to our family.

I saw an awesome movie this week on DVD called "Unconditional".  It was a powerful movie for me. A story of redemption, faith and God's unconditional love. I highly recommend it. 

At the end of the movie there is an emotional scene and the song "Not Gonna Leave Me Here" by the artist jimmyswim. Fabulous name for a band no? Anyway, the lyrics spoke to my heart this day. Where ever you are, God is with you and will not leave you. I promise you that. He will not leave you there. He will bring you through it. 

Enjoy your day my friends. Soak up the love that surrounds you.