coffee for your heart...#5...what do you need to hear on a really hard day?

It's Wednesday which means you get to hear/see me for our weekly visit. It's time for a little "Coffee for Your Heart" part of Holly Gerth's 2014 Encouragement Project. A moment to take a deep breath and spread a little love and encouragement over the interwebs.

This week Holly asks the question: What do you need to hear on a really hard day?

Oh my friends...what a loaded question that is for me. I have hard days. This seems to be a season for me right now. Trying to get through really hard days while hanging onto my joy and my faith, knowing that this to shall pass. It will totally suck noodles while walking through it, but it will pass. 

I have lived through enough hard days to know that and to hold onto to that when I am faced with yet another one. For comparison sake...this is where we were one year ago. God is so good my friends. Know that always. 

So what do I need to hear on those hard days??? (my apologies about the sound. I hope you can hear it OK.)

Encouragement Project ~ 2014...#5 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

Now it's your turn. What do YOU need to hear on those hard days?? What helps you make it through with a smile on your face and your sanity intact...beside coffee and chocolate??

I LOVE the sone Thrive by Casting Crowns. My friends read these words and OWN them. It's what God wants for us. Then listen to the song and let it lift your heart this day!

We were made for so much more than ordinary lives. 
It's time for us to just survive. 
We were made to thrive. 

Joy Unspeakable
Faith Unsinkable
Love Unstoppable
Anything Possible!!

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