outside my comfort zone...waaayyyy outside

from the pleated poppy

Today, I did something that made me so nervous, I wanted to toss my cookies.  

Not the most glamourous opening for a blog post but an honest one. I can't really say what I did, but I promise to fill you in when things have been decided. 

It was one of those moments where you take a deep breath and hope, pray, cross your fingers and trust that it will all go your way. A definite leap of faith was required. 

It was a moment of overcoming the long seeded fear of rejection, a moment of trust in a plan that is greater than that fear, a moment where those you love are holding your hand encouraging you to believe in yourself and the gifts that God gave you. 

Yep, it was a moment all right. I am just glad it's over. Now I get to wait. 

I so love to wait. 

Ummm...not so much. That would be the lie of the century. I hate waiting, for anything, let alone for something I have dreamed of for some time now. 

What I realized this morning was that my fear was stopping me from trying to achieve a dream I have held since I was a young high school student. I had finally come to a place that I was tired of allowing that very fear from controlling my future. We get but one turn around this life and at the age of 46, that time is more than halfway done. 

What exactly am I waiting for?

Yes, it will be hard. If this actually happens for me, it will require more from me than anything I have ever done before. I just know the rewards will far outweigh any risk taken

So would you say a prayer for me and this little venture? I would so appreciate it. 

Dream Big my friends.If God places the desire on your heart, than listen and follow. Great things are waiting for you.