what i wore sunday ~ vol. 44...

Today is Groundhog Day.

Paxawtawnee (sp?) Phil saw his shadow which means six more WEEKS of WINTER!!

This is how I feel about that stupid little rodent...

I am so NOT happy!! I need spring int he worst way these days.

Sunshine, windows open, laundry on the line and green, green grass. **sigh** I want to take that little rodent and beat him senseless. I do not need more freaking winter.

OK. Now that I have that out of my system, let's take a look at the past few days shall we.

First, thank you so much for all your words of encouragement, emails, text messages and prayers over the past week. You all are the best readers a girl could ever ask for. Things here are better. Much better thanks to all your prayers and general awesomeness.

I actually curled my hair, wore pantyhose, put on makeup AND a dress today.

I know...miracles abound people...seriously!

Jerry and I had to split for Mass today. Miss Courtney had a hard seizure around 10 am, so we decided not to take any chances. Jerry went on to the 10:45 since I had to serve as an EM at the 5pm Mass. So glad we did because Court had another one around 3:30pm which was an even more difficult than the earlier one. She had been seizure free for almost three days, so I guess it's not unexpected but still a little unnerving.

I took the above photo early this morning...Papa and his favorite girl having a moment. I love watching them together. Good days or bad, these two have a bond that is pretty darn special.

Enough sappy, let's talk foundational undergarments shall we. Today, we have Spanx to thank for the fact that my dress actually zipped up. I heart you Spanx! I truly do. In good times and bad you are there for me. No matter how badly I snack the night before, you are there sucking it in and making it possible for me to have a waistline. I lift my spoonful of vanilla ice cream to you Spanx!

The dress is from Lands End, end of season 60% off. I like the print and the cut of the dress. I usually wear something more fitted but I thought it worked. Navy peep toe shoes are few years old from DSW and jewelry from who knows where. Yes, I have had these pieces for awhile.

Proof positive that I can actually move in my Spanx. We are expecting more snow/wintery mix/really cold horridness this week and I can no longer contain my disapproval. It's my "I am a winter warrior" pose. You like?

Of course after I have my Spanx on for more than a few hours this happens...

Lack of oxygen will do that to a girl. Beauty is painful my friends. Always remember that.

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