#1000 gifts on a Monday...

:: noticing God's glory
I am in serious need of Spring. It was snowing yesterday...again...I just can't take anymore. Truly, I can't. 

This morning the sun is shining, there is a lovely spring breeze and hope is in the air.Spring may just be on it's way. I am looking forward to my evening walk more than I can say. Greeting a new season is just what this tired Mama needs right now.   

:: listening to
Miss Courtney snoring in her sleep. She is battling a pretty heavy duty head cold so sleep is the best thing for her. She is just so peaceful in her sleep. I could watch her for hours. 

:: clothing myself in
Jeans, sweatshirt and Keds. Comfy is the name of the game on a Monday. 

:: thinking and thinking
about rest and rejuvenation 
about prayer and believing in God's plan
about fasting and sacrifice
about motherhood vs. caregiving

These days my heart and my brain are filled with many questions. As I search for the answers I know God is present always guiding me toward a closer relationship with him. He will reveal what I need to know when I need to know.  

:: giving thanks for
#2043 ~ 2062
** a wonderful weekend and a successful speaking event on Saturday. 
** for everyone who has assisted us financially in the last four months. more on that tomorrow.
** for sunshine
** for new growth in my garden
** for beautiful hand knot socks given with love
** my husband and his commitment to our family
** my son and his love for his sister
** time spent with sweet nieces and nephews
** mail sent from far away 
** art for Courtney's room
** notes of encouragement sorely needed
** anonymous souls whose generosity can never be re-payed
** a spring clinging to-do list that I can actually handle
** closed doors that open windows
** clear answers to prayer
** hot sudsy water in the sink and clean, sparkly dishes rinsed and drying
** hope for a better day
** a day without Kleenex
** snuggle time with my daughter, so sweet
** a hot cup of coffee sipped at sunrise

::pondering prayerfully
+ for Elizabeth DeHority
+ for the soul of Shawn Kuykendall
+ for my Courtney to feel better very, very soon
+ for Amelia, 11, who is battling brain cancer
+ for a clear direction regarding career for someone close to me
+ for a purposeful remainder of Lent
+ for my mother and direction with her retirement
+ for our parish as we raise funds to build a new church
+ for each of you who pray for us, such a gift

:: creating by hand
I am working on the Pascal cloths for Holy Saturday. Lot's of sewing going on here. It feels wonderful to be back at it. I promise pictures soon. 

:: in the kitchen
Not much happening there. I have lost my mojo for the time being. So tired. Most night its a salad or cereal. I hope to be back at it this week. We shall see what happens. 

:: living the liturgy
Trying to live a good and holy Lent. One day at a time. 

:: keeping house
Spring Cleaning is the name of the game over the next two weeks. One room at a time. 

:: loving the moments
when my Courtney smiles. It makes everything else fall way and I know that it will all work out. 

:: Miss Courtney's World
The past 72 hours have been pretty tough for my girl. Between the massive head cold and accompanying seizures, it has not been a whole lot of fun. She is holding her own though, so this Mama has no choice but to do the same. Her fever broke this morning. Good news for sure. Now if we can get through all the drainage issues and keep those lungs clear, we should get through this in the next three to four days. At least I hope so. 

Stop in tomorrow for more news about all that has been happening in Miss Courtney's world. It will blow you away.

Please join Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience to celebrate the little gifts given each day by the ONE who loves us most!

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