a post in which my husband almost loses his life over a donut...

Yo, Yo, Yo my peeps. How's it hanging? What up? Whatcha doin? How goes it? 

OK , enough of my external dorkiness onward to random musings about everything and nothing on a Saturday. Yep, I am completely aware that this makes no sense at all but then when have I ever made sense for more than 24 hours at a time? 

Before children fer sure. 

Anyhoo, today began with a little Lenten challenge for the MareBear. Jerry and I slipped out early to go to the grocery store while Miss Courtney was still sleeping and before Big Brother had to go to work. Of course while we were out, my guy needed a little caffeine refueling and he ran into the Death by Duncan shop and came out with this...

Did I mention that this chica has given up sugar for Lent. ALL sugar except the one teaspoon worth in my coffee every morning?? Yep. I don't think my husband loves me. 

I think he hates me. Truly, he does. 

Why else would he do such a horrid thing to his wife? The cakey, sugary deep fried smell of awesome drifted over to my side of the car and I almost passed out. I mean I had to wipe my mouth twice because of the drool factor. It wasn't pretty. Not pretty at all. 

No soup for you Jerry Don! You not nice!

Of course, since he is trying to give up his use of salty Navy language for Lent, I might have used a wee bit of colorful metaphors on him...just sayin'....he had his mouth too full of donut to respond...SCORE!

I came up with about 32 ways to end his life and dispose of the body all within the next five minutes.I hang out with suspense writers you know and I listen when they are researching for their new books. I know things. He is lucky that I was able to move past it...lucky, lucky, lucky... 

Once we made it back home from the Hunger Games in suburbia better known as grocery shopping in Fairfax County on a Saturday morning, I started cleaning out closets and going through Miss Courtney's clothes. I sent a huge bag out to thredUP. We shall see what happens with that. I am all in favor of making a little money off of gently used clothing. 

My girl has plenty of clothes. I may make a few new things for her this spring and summer, but she really doesn't need anything. I realized today I need to get a little more creative with how I dress her. I tend to go to the same outfits time and time again. Time to mix it up a bit. 


The weather was so lovely today. Finally, things are looking a little more like spring. Thank you Jesus! It was in the mid 60's and I had all the windows open and even put some laundry out on the line. Jerry was determined to grill. There was no denying his request. We both needed to celebrate the possibility of spring. So grill we did. 

Flank steak, tortelini salad and roasted beets. So very, very yummy. OK maybe he doesn't hate me after all. 


But if I see another donut in his hand over the course of the next 38 days, there may be blood. His, not mine...just sayin'.

Courtney had a good day today. Lots of smiles and laughter and no seizures. Yay for that! 

I mentioned last week that we were headed in for a HUGE doctors appointment this week with Miss Courtney to see a new rehab specialist to discuss new adaptive equipment for my girl. Unfortunately for us, that appointment was canceled yesterday. 

Did I mention that I waited for an entire year to see this specialist?? Sheesh. Now what? 

Ever heard the saying "When God closes a door, He opens a window?" Over the course of the last 24 hours, another opportunity has presented itself at a new facility and we will be making an appointment on Monday. 

That window is wide open baby and Mary is climbing through. Courtney has grown over the last five years since we got her last wheelchair, Rifton chair and stroller. Her scholiosis spinal curvature is steady for the moment at 31 degrees. It will not get better, only worse over time. It's time to look into getting a specialized seating situation to better support her. This may or may not include and molded seat back that she would have to be casted for.  I am praying we will be able to get into this new clinic sometime in the next two months. We shall see what happens. 

Trusting, trusting, trusting...all will be well. I think. I hope. I pray. It will. It always is. 

So there you go. A little post about nothing and everything and nothing. 

See you on the flip side...

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