breathing in beauty...

:: noticing God's glory
As you can see above, we are in the midst of Titan 2014.Whoever names these storms needs to get a grip. Good grief, it's snow not a mythical god. 

I decided with this latest foray into winter I was going to just breathe deeply and enjoy the beauty of the day. So far, so good. It's so quiet and peaceful as the snow falls. I don't envy the boys going out later to shovel. I promised lots of hot chocolate when they get back in. 

You can tell how excited they were at the prospect. LOL! I had to up the ante and throw in Chicken Parm for dinner. Yes, in this house the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. 

:: listening to
Right now we have the "Mumford and Sons" Pandora channel on, so lots of banjos, guitars and stomping feet. Courtney loves music of all kinds so we usually have something playing for her during the day. She especially enjoys male singers so Mumford fits the bill for her. Smiles all around on the music front. 

:: clothing myself in
I have on sweats, a knit top and warm wool socks. There is a snowstorm happening here people. It requires comfort and warmth. 

:: thinking and thinking
about life, love, acceptance, perfectionism and anxiety. 

Our local community lost two teenagers in the last week and many of the high school students we work with in Youth Ministry knew them. Sunday night was filled with prayer, Adoration and lots of conversation about love and acceptance of oneself and others, just as they are. Our young people carry quite a burden these days as the culture slams into them every moment of every day like a tidal wave, telling them they are not enough. 

I have walked through this age with my own son and it is tough. Very tough but love conquers all. God's love and mercy are always present. The greatest of sins you could every commit are but a drop in the oceans of mercy Our Lord has for us. It was wonderful to watch our kids comfort and encourage one another. It's one of the things I love most about being part of Youth Ministry. Our teens are awesome and I praise God for them everyday. 

:: giving thanks for
#2020 ~ 2042
** for several days of peaceful sleep, even when it is interrupted by a seizure from Court. Since we got the monitor, things at night have been so much better. No surprisingly, our daughter silently seizes so now that we have the monitor, I feel better about things. Our thanks once more for those of you who participate dint hat project. We are so grateful. 
** Adoration with our Lord, time spent in quiet prayer
** my daughters smile, hard won some days
** the beauty and quiet of the snow, bringing a layer of beauty to our landscape
** hot coffee + sugar + and creamer = a great way to start the day
** the love of two parents who told me that I was "enough" just as I was and  would not accept self-depreciating behavior
** friends who smile when they see me
** snowman sweatshirts and warm wool socks
** miracles for people close to my heart
** the promise of spring
** a crocus sprouting up through the snow
** hot soapy water to clean dishes in
** the smell of lemon furniture polish
** not losing power during the snowstorm
** neighbors with a snow blower
** warm wool mittens and scarf
** boots to dance in the snow with while my feet stay warm
** a note of encouragement received in the mail form a virtual stranger
** holding my beloveds hand
** looking in his eyes knowing that until he takes his last breath, I will be the love of his life, second to Jesus
** bath-time for my Courtney with bubbles and homemade soap
** the service of my son, feeding his sister so his Mama can write
** listening to him sing to her...absolutely the BEST!

::pondering prayerfully
+ for Elizabeth DeHority
+ for Shawn Kuykendall
+ for my husband and a special intention this Friday (3/7)
+ for the souls of the two teens who dies last week and the families they leave behind
+ for our priests and deacons as they serve the church, for their physical and spiritual strength
+ for a prayerful and fruitful Lent
+ for my Mom as she faces the new challenge/excitement of retirement. that God speaks to her heart and she follows His prompting.
+ for me as I speak to a women's group on 3/29/14 all about acceptance and forgiveness. 
+ for my confidence as I continue to write the memoir. That it contains what God needs so that He is glorified always and forever. 
+ for a special intention

:: creating by hand
I am determined to have pascal cloths for Holy Saturday this year, so I have begun gathering the supplies for that embroidery project. 

I am also making a purple tablecloth for the kitchen table. I find that by surrounding myself with physical cues of the liturgical season, I am drawn deeper into them. 

I have some doll cloths, baby quilts and a few other projects in various stages all in the cue for the coming weeks. The sewing room will be busy.  

:: in the kitchen
I have been trying to do some Lenten food prep.I have put up about 16 quarts of soup so that I keep things simple during the week. I have one more batch to make and we should be ready to go. 

I am undergoing a personal weight loss/fitness challenge over the next six weeks which I took that into account as well. I am excited to get going and see where this road takes me. It won't be easy but then there is no "challenge" in easy.  

:: living the liturgy
Lent begins Wednesday with Ash Wednesday Mass. I am actually looking forward to this penitential season this year. For some reason, my heart and mind are being called to the quiet. Not to worry, I will still be here, but you may see a fewer posts. I will let the Holy Spirit decide that one. 

:: keeping house
SPRING CLEANING!! Lots of reorg happening as I begin to prep a few rooms for painting (I hope) in April. That's of course if the snow melts and spring actually comes. 

:: loving the moments
~ when my guys is home and he does the bacon dance...

~ when my son reads stories to his sister and she smiles
~ when the snow stops blowing about and the sun shines
~ the quiet of early morning light and the quiet that accompanies it
~ when we are all in the kitchen, chatting while I make dinner. I know this time is fleeting so I cherish it now.

:: Miss Courtney's World
With this storm blowing through, I anticipated some disturbance in the seizure force with Miss Courtney but so far she has handled things very well. Of course it's still early in the day so who the heck knows how things will end but for now we are good to go. 

I put her down for tummy time which is quite fun to watch these days. There is lots of giggling from the princess as she tries to figure out how to roll over. Of course once she does it for the first time, it's all over. I can put her back on her tummy a million times and she will flip over quick as a flash, smiling and so very proud of her self. 

I admit that I love these quiet mornings when we are not required to be anywhere. It allows us to sink into our day with gentleness instead of the hurry, hurry of most days. 

We have PT on Wednesday this week and then next week we have our BIG appointment with the rehab specialist to talk about her new wheelchair, stroller and bed. It's a biggie and we have had to wait a year for it, so if you have a spare moment please send up a prayer for wisdom and guidance for Jerry and I. 

This is going to be a HUGE financial decision for us. Insurance will only go so far and that's after we fight for it. I am exhausted just thinking about the entire process but I know in the end everything will be OK. With God, all things are possible.  

Please join Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience to celebrate the little gifts given each day by the ONE who loves us most!

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