hope is better than sleep...

Miss Courtney continues to struggle with grand-mal seizures. This Mama continues to spend her nights dozing in the comfy chair in her room. The EMFIT alarm works well and I have been able to intervene making sure her airway is clear and she is as comfortable as possible.

Big Brother, Daddy and Miss C joined me as I went to the grocery store this morning. The sun was shining and it felt like spring. Court did well, even smiling when I put some flowers in front of her to smell. It was a full on family adventure.

It's how we roll here. We consider the grocery store a full on adventure. With Courtney you never know. She has been known to take out an end cap or two with her awesome long legged side swipe. Next time you're there, if there is a "clean-up in aisle 8" Courtney may just be in the house. 

She was so excited to go. I mean can't you tell from her facial expression? 

Oh yeah baby, it was partaay central. She lurved every single minute of it. Well not really. Just the flowers part. The rest of it she tolerated and was never happier than we got home and she got to have tummy time.

Jonathan doesn't show up on this blog very often at his request. But today he said "OK" so I will take full advantage of telling you how awesome this young man is and what a great Big Brother he is to Miss Courtney. I love him so much. He makes me laugh everyday and only really irritates me when he eats my ice cream or leaves his socks in the living room.

Otherwise he is perfect.

OK...that might be a bit of a stretch but still...he is a pretty awesome dude.

So we survived the grocery store and now the boys are grilling meat and all is well and quiet for the moment. We shall see where the evening goes. It's just one big ball of excitement here in Lenaburgland. There is hope for a better day for my girl even if there is no sleep for this Mama.

All will be well.