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1999 - 2014
A learned long ago, that when your special needs daughter has a good day, to celebrate that moment., sing it from the mountain tops and share it with anyone who would listen. So if you're no interested in a supremely awesome Mama moment, go on and click off because here we go. 

I am 5'9 1/ can see how tall Miss Courtney is...5'6" with a 31 degree curvature. 

As I shared yesterday, Miss Courtney has made some awesome progress this week with her leg strength and her perseverance trying to stand and sustain that position for longer than 2.2 nanseconds. This morning we had PT with the fabulous MIss Pam and her trusty sidekick Miss Katie. My Mom was with me as chief cheerleader. 

Courtney stood, rolled over, got up on elbows and held her head high and yes, I got a good picture or possibly 567. I am so glad that I did. I don't want to forget it. I may need these to boost me up when things slide downhill again, as I know is always possible with my girl. 

Courtney wanted to dance Daddy stepped in. 

The best part of today was how happy she was when she was on her feet. When we attended the Lenten Mission tonight at our parish, Jerry and I stood her up and held her between us using her jeans waistband as a handle when her knees would begin to buckle. Just a little tug and she would re-engage her knees. We stood her for the entrance hymn, Gospel reading and the sign of peace. She smiled each time and stayed strong. In between, she sat in the pew nice and straight, smiling and humming. 

Several of our fellow parishioners came by to give her a hug or words of encouragement. It was pretty darn awesome. I even got to go to confession while Jerry sat with her. Now I am all sparkly clean ready for the next five weeks of Lent. 


So today we celebrate, we relish, we enjoy the small victories. Tomorrow we deal with insurance companies, medical paperwork and referrals. Blech, blech, blech. 

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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