Thursday, March 6, 2014

the second day of lent...

Is it over yet?

Yep, it must be the second day of Lent. One day of fasting and this girl is done. 

Seriously lacking in some Catholic discipline. The nuns would be so disappointed. I can smell the chalk dust now. 

This is how I always feel at the beginning of this penitential season. Not my favorite liturgical season I have to say. For some reason this year I feel the need to dig deep and really make every effort over the course of the next six weeks to be in this moment and time.

To fast and not cheat.

To pray and not sleep though it.

To love my family even when I am tired, cranky and hungry.

Sounds like a party right?

Well there will be on heck of a party on Easter Sunday that is fo shizzel fo sure!

So today as I recover from my fasting yesterday (simply means I need to control my carb loading), Miss Courtney and I hung out together, listening to Pandora playing quietly (since I have given up TV Mon-Fri as part of my Lenten practice) and folded four loads of laundry.

I'll wait for you to finish yawning be fore I go on.


Here is my moment of contentment. I give you Miss Courtney...

"'s the current fashion"

"Aw shucks Mom"

"Ok, need to go back to doing your housework."

"Yea, this is pretty much what I think about hangin out 
with Mama....BORING."

"HA, I stick my tongue out in your general direction." 

" I just crack myself up sometimes."
Before I go, I need to know what you think of my little blog makeover? I absolutely LOVE it! I think it speaks to my personality so well. I have the incredibly talented Danielle  Burkleo to thank. She was a dream to work with and so patient with all my questions. Have I ever shared how much HTML frightens me. Worse than Algebra people!

I also wan to thank the fabulous stylish and talented Grace @ Camp Patton for the inspiration. Danielle did her latest re-do and it caught my eye. Thanks for always being ahead of the style curve Grace. This old lady appreciates it. 

Anyway, let me know what you think. It will take me a few weeks to get all the old posts catalogued so I appreciate your patience. 

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


  1. love the new layout! So far, I'm having no trouble finding your old blog posts. ;-)

  2. The blog looks beautiful! I absolutely love the header-- it makes me even more excited for SPRING!

    1. I was in need of some serious SPRING Cate! I love it as well. Makes me smile!

  3. love the makeover; your new header is gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Gina! Danielle did a fabulous job didn't she?? So happy!

  4. The blog looks great! Very pretty! :)

    1. Thanks so much Erica! I am in love with it as well.

  5. Pretty blog! I love the pictures of Courtney too.

    1. Thanks Melissa!! Miss Courtney thanks you too!

  6. Love, Love, LOVE the new header and layout! Great choice! And thanks for sharing the photos of Miss Courtney. I needed that today....


    1. You're welcome Lea. ANything I can do to make your day better...I am on it!


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