turkey on a tuesday...


You mean you don't stuff and roast a 20 pound turkey on a Tuesday, in March, just because you found it in the deep freeze? The deep freeze that desperately needs to be defrosted, thereby forcing you to actually dig through it to see what gold is hidden in it's depths??

oh...well...ummm...moving on...

Miss Courtney is having a quiet day today. After yesterday I am A-OK with that. She gave us quite the scare yesterday afternoon throwing down a massive, grand-mal, full on tonic-clonic seizure lasting almost seven minutes that included a good 47 seconds of not breathing. My hubby had the phone in hand ready to call #911 when she began to come out of it.

I will never get used to these things. Never.

I spent the next three hours on the couch holding my daughter as she slept off the effects of the seizure. I treasure those moments. I truly do. To be able to give her any comfort at all is a gift to me. I feel like most days I am hanging on my my toenails as we go through the seizures, so to be able to hold her and love on her is a privilege.

Today she has been quiet and sleepy. I can only imagine what these seizures do to her body each and every time they come. All I know is that God is stronger than both of us, so we will march on as best we can.

That's a Tuesday for you...what's going on in your world??