up and down and all around we go...

Thursday last week...
The last 36 hours have been up and down and all around for Miss Courtney. One minute she is laughing and standing with Daddy and then all of a sudden she seizing and causing all kinds of drama. 


So my blogging time has been sorely limited. My time spent praying, begging her to just breathe through them, holding and soothing my sweet girl has been maximized. This is how things go here at Courtney's Castle of Craziness. Some days she is ready to Mambo others she is struggling to just make it through. 

This morning Jerry and I split for Mass so she was with one of us at all times. Things have been calmer now that is is snowing and that low pressure is moving through. I have definitely noticed that she doesn't do as well when it's raining or snowing out Low pressure is not our friend fer sure. 

Anyway, I just wanted to jump in and say hello and let you know we are A-OKeedokee here. The ER has been avoided for now and she is snuggled with with Papa and a storybook waiting to be read. 

Not bad for a Sunday. Not bad at all.