7 quick takes 2014 ~ vol. 3

Time for a little link-up with Jen @ Conversion Diary.

We declared a jammie day today with Miss Courtney. She is smiling, laughing and feeling so much better. Yay for that!

Trying to find an Easter outfit for a young woman in a wheelchair has proven to be a bit challenging this year. SO many cute things out there but the skirt/dress length is very tricky for us. Add in trying to be a good financial steward and not spend a lot and having to find it online, well this Mama's fashionista tendencies are in overdrive. I found this dress at JCPenney on a really great sale and it should arrive this afternoon. We shall see if it works (crossing fingers)

After undergoing a six week weight loss challenge (thanks Michele for the inspiration) I am down another five pounds and feeling again. My sweet friend Sharon signed us up for the Color Run 5K in DC in September as a birthday present. Only true friends skip the cake and go to the healthy fun run. LOL! To prepare Andrea has taken me on and I begin the program next week. Grace, I am going to need your best playlist to keep me from giving up. I admit to feeling very scared and totally unprepared but it's time this Mama put herself on the list. So here's to new challenges, lots of laughter and health for ALL! God help me now


Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies...so worth the effort. I used this recipe. 


I am looking for some great fiction to read when sleep leaves me. Whatcha got my friends? I love mysteries, thrillers. rom-com, sweet stories, you name it. Leave me a title in the comments. I would be so grateful. 


I finally got to plant some green things this week. I pray we actually get to fed ourselves and not the local wildlife this year. Any thoughts on keeping bunnies and dear away without caging? Let me know. 

I will be making a Holy Hour everyday next week as we prepare for Easter. If you have any prayer requests feel free to email me (mary_romance@cox.net) or leave it in the comments. It is an honor to pray for you my friends. 


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