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Grandma Green and her favorite granddaughter...LOL!

It's time for a little encouragement with Holley Gerth on this Wednesday afternoon. 

We have some fabulous news on the insurance front. On the third and final appeal in regards to Courtney's AFO's, WE WON!! That's right my friends, perseverance pays off BIG TIME!! Her AFO's will be completely covered by our private insurance. Thank you Lord!!

We found out through this process that Virginia Medicaid does not cover ANY orthotics after the age of 21. Why? Who the heck knows why. It's insane but then it's a government run insurance so there you go. 

We will use part of the donated monies to pay her April therapy bill and leave the rest to go toward her new wheelchair and other adaptive equipment. We go to Kennedy-Krieger at Hopkins on May 9 to begin that process. 

A little Easter miracle for the Courtmiester. Please keep praying about the ONFI, her new seizure medication. We have enough through Friday, but we are still waiting on insurance approval and it has me a bit concerned. I have a call into the Doc's office to find out what the next step will be. Without insurance coverage on that med, there is no way we could afford it, so pray, pray, pray that this get's resolved pronto!

There you go my friends. A little encouragement and a Courtney update to boot. Could you ask for more? 

I live to serve. 

Happy Wednesday!

Coffee for Your Heart #15 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

** update at 5:15 p.m. EST **

Calling ALL prayer warriors - just talked to the Neuro Doc and we need some serious prayer support. VA Medicaid has asked for more documentation in regards to her ONFI seizure meds. They are really pushing back on paying for such an expensive med. Courtney has been on it for a year with no problem but with new regulations come new issues. This med saved her life last spring. I cannot imagine her daily life without it. 

We will cut her dose in half tonight and by Saturday she will be off of it completely if they keep dragging their heels. This could be disastrous for our girl. Can you say intractable seizures?? Hospital stay?? Ugh!!

We cannot afford this med on our own, not even close. So please send up some prayers on our girls behalf over the next few days. This is going to be tough. Thanks!

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