exhaustion 101...

There are days when no matter what I do, I cannot shake that exhausted feeling. I walk through the day in a fog, trying desperately to stay focused on what needs to be done for Miss Court.

I make it through half a workout and give up.

I make it through half my breakfast and am no longer hungry.

I make it through half the paperwork needed for next weeks Hopkins visit and put it aside.

The hose needs to be cleaned. The laundry needs to be washed and folded. Dinner needs to be made and lunches prepped for tomorrow. ALL of it needs to be done post haste and this Mama is just over it.

I am tired. Very, very tired. Taking care of Miss Courtney is a joy but the job never stops. It's like having a newborn for twenty-one years. Add in any type if illness or medical challenges and it's taken up a notch or 1200.

I know there are others who are struggling through much worse situations than myself. I do. But today I am overwhelmed and I am too darn tired to hide it. I promised to be honest in this space. No matter what. The good the bad and the exhausted.

Today I am struggling to find some peace of mind, body and heart. I am physically and emotionally exhausted and Miss Courtney is still struggling with the whole intestinal flu and now the seizures have come back in full force.

I am searching for that deep energy reserve that is just not there. I got nothin.

It's just.too.much.

So the PJ's have come back out and we are both back in them. It's 3:30 in the afternoon and I don't care. As soon as Papa comes home this Mama is headed to bed.

Mr. Sandman please come soon. This Mama needs you.

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