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listening to her Mama squeal with delight as Daddy went to get her meds...

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At 9:20 pm (EST) this evening we received a call from CVS Pharmacy that Courtney's ONFI prescription was ready to pick up. After a very confused 10 minute convo with the Pharmacist, it appears that VA Medicaid accepted our claim at the close of business today and will be covering her seizure meds. The pharmacy received the approval at 8:00pm this evening 3 hours after I put out the call for prayers. I have no doubt that our onslaught of paperwork over the past ten days plus constant checking up on progress did the trick. That and the prayer avalanche unleashed upon their unsuspecting souls. 

The real kicker is that there is NO co-pay on it. We have been paying $125 a month for the past year and now NOTHING! We checked three times. The pharmacist was chuckling at our disbelief. So Courtney is snug as a bug in bed, fully medicated and smiling. 

I dare you to tell me there are no miracles! I dare you to tell me prayer is not the most powerful weapon we Christians wield. Go on...make my day! God is GOOD all the time! Thank for standing with us once more.