five favorites ~ vol. 13 ~ five answers to prayer...

The last ten days have been pretty amazing in the Lenaburg household. They have been all over the place as far as emotions go. Lots of ups and downs for sure but in the end there were some serious prayers being said and the Holy Spirit did his job and gave us serious answers to prayer. Some prayers that Jerry and I have sent up over the last two years as well as some immediate needs. I am always surprised by how Our Lord makes it all come together and work for His good...every single time. 

Answer to prayer #1:
"Big Bertha" is back in action. The lift was repaired late last week and it is running like a champ. We have used it many times and I smile each and every time. Life is much better when Miss Courtney and I can get out and about. This is a HUGE answer to prayer and there are many, many people to thank. We could not have done this without so many giving on behalf of our daughter. We thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot convey how you have affected our world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Answer to prayer #2:
 About a year and a half ago my hubby was prompted during prayer by the Holy Spirit, that he should apply for the permanent deaconate program here in our dioceace. After filling out ALL the paperwork (a massive undertaking) going through the interviews and testing, his application was complete and submitted. Then we waited and waited and waited some more. We lived life and left the decision completely in God's hands. Six months later we have our answer. Jerry heard last week that he was NOT selected for the program. 

This was a definite disappointment for him but when you leave everything completely in Our Lords hands it makes dealing with the outcome that much easier.  He has a plan for our family and for each one of us in it. It is our job to listen to the prompts of the Holy Spirit and act when we are told to. That's what we did. 

We are both at peace with where God is leading us. This is a HUGE answer to prayer. Thanks to all who prayed for God's will along with us. He is faithful all the time. 

Answer to prayer #3:
Last week we received an anonymous gift and we were able to pay off the following:
a. Courtney's extensive dental bill
b. paid off the balance on her therapy bills so that for the first time in two years we have a zero balance
c. paid off one of her in-patient hospital bills from two years ago. Only two left!! Wahoo!!
d. purchased new long socks to wear with her AFO braces for therapy. These protect her very fair Irish skin. It's all about the legs you know (wink, wink) 
e. placed the remainder in an account to help pay for her AFO's. 

Since the individual left us no indication of who they were, I wanted to let them know in the only way I knew how that we so appreciate there assistance. No words...just gratitude...serious gratitude. There is still medical debt but much less of it due to this individuals generosity.

Answer to prayer #4: 
Remember when I asked for prayers a few weeks ago for something that was "waaaayyy out of my comfort zone". I told you I would keep you informed. Well It's amazing what can happen when You let go and let God take control. 

It didn't pan out for me but I learned so much in the process it really ends up as a win-win.I want to thank you for your prayers. Even though it didn't go the way I had wanted it to, it's all good my friends. God has a plan and I look forward to the glorious unfolding of it.Yet another situation where trusting the Lord and surrendering to His will brings peace. Yet another answer to prayer. Yay God!

Answer to prayer #5:
Miss Courtney has been dealing with a pretty nasty head cold these past three days. I was praying my bum off that I she would NOT have the flu. I even got on here the other night asking for prayers on her behalf. Can't deal with that right now. seriously can.not. 

This morning she tested negative. NO FLU!! SCORE one for this Mama's desperate prayer and for all the ones you sent up on her behalf. Praise the Lord. Now to just get through all the sneezing and coughing and blowing snot everywhere. Hopefully she will be all better by the end of the week. 

There you go. Five answers to prayer in the last week.I don't think I could pick a favorite so I just listed all five.  God is good all the time. 

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