hope in an elevator...

tube feeding 101

It rained. 

Then there was hail. 

Then more rain. 

Yes, Easter is in five days. 

This is crazy insane weather. 

Ah well. We are a crazy insane family so I guess it fits. 

Today, after Miss Courtney got her first tube feeding at  o'dark thirty a.m. I started my annual spring cleaning. I began in the kitchen which is a major hub in our home. My dry goods pantry was a mess. I emptied it out and then decided to move things around, to make it more user friendly. 

You know how you start organizing something thinking it will take you an hour then three hours later you're still not done...yeah...it was one of those projects. I had hoped to get more done today but at least I got kitchen straightened. 

One job down two million four hundred and fifty two left. Woop! Woop! Ahhh spring cleaning how I need you yet abhor you all at once. One icky job at a time. 

The one bright spot in my day was that my Mama came to visit. She helped me with Courtney and folded my socks. I do love how my Mama is always willing to step in and help no matter what needs doing. When we were done we decided to hit the road. 

Off to the mall we went. 

It has been quite a while since Miss Courtney had been out. She laughed and smiled the whole time. We had a little lunch and she just giggled form all the action. It was so nice. 

Then we got on the elevator to head to the van and all hell broke loose. Courtney had a massive seven minute seizure. There were three other children in there with their Mom. I was trying hard to keep smiling and talk quietly to Courtney so they wouldn't freak out. The Mom was calm and said she was so sorry for Courtney and told her kids everything was OK, not to worry. 

sound asleep when we got home...
Courtney was in full tonic-clonic jerks with gagging and choking. She was seizing so hard her wheelchair was shaking. My Mom braced herself against the chair and held Courtney's hands so she wouldn't hit anyone while she seized. I just kept whispering "Hail Mary's" in her ear and told her it would all be OK. 

It was the slowest elevator ride ever.  

The little girl, about four or five years old, looked at Courtney and then told her Mom "She's so sad. She needs to go to the Disney store for an Anna doll (like the one she was holding) then she will be happy."

Her Mom assured her that she would be OK in time. Then the little girl looked at me and said "She can have mine to hold if that would make her smile. Anna always makes me smile."

I almost lost it. How incredibly sweet. There is hope for the future my friends. I saw it today in this little ones face, so concerned for my Courtney, whom she didn't even know. All she wanted was for her to be happy and OK. 

Oh sweet girl, if only the Anna doll would make it so I would buy every single one.