what i wore sunday ~ vol. 47

Happy Sunday!

This is going to be a quick post. I promise to write a longer update tomorrow. I wanted to just make sure that everyone knew we are doing well, the van is working like a champ, we are still in the appeals process with insurance for the AFO's (the leg braces Court needs to walk), and we are still accepting donations for those. If we do get insurance coverage, whatever is leftover from the donations (after our co-pay) will go toward the adaptive equipment that we will begin getting Courtney fitted for in May (ie. new wheelchair, "comfy" chair for home and possibly, God willing, a new hospital bed). 

You can use the PayPal button in the right hand column if you wish to donate. Thanks to all who have already given. Thanks to all who pray everyday. I am just so thankful. 

God is so very good ALL the time. 

Today Miss Courtney is celebrating her monthly visit from the "Yay, I am a Woman Fairy" and is struggling a bit with the cramping, especially in her lower back. She got a nice warm bubble bath this morning and is all bundled up in her favorite soft jammies and her Eyeore socks. 

She will be home with Daddy tonight while I go to Mass and Youth Ministry. She can't handle being her her wheelchair or sitting upright for too long on these special days. She prefers to be curled up in a ball. I don't blame her one bit. 

I did get a decent shot with her and Papa. She had just gotten her morning dose of Advil and was feeling a little better. She had a pleasant "semi-smile" on her face. 

I wish I could be in my jammies for the day. It sounds delightful don't you think?

My outfit for Mass is a pretty simple one. The dress is from Land's End, purchased on the 40% off rack at Sears. It's an empire waist which is really flattering on me with my "apple" shape. I paired it with a JCrew sweater that I have had for a few years now. I love the blast of royal blue and kelly green. I wear it a lot. The jewelry is from Lane Bryant, again purchased during a HUGE sale, and the shoes are Steve Madden from DSW, in my favorite shade of emerald green. 

I hope you all have a fabulous day. It's a beautiful one here in Northern VA. I actually decided not to wear pantyhose, so I apologize for blinding you with my Irish legs. 

Wowza, can you say spray tan! LOL! Of course I had to leave you with one out take. My hubby was teasing me about my fair skin. Here is what I told him...

Take that Okie Boy! I know your sceered...real sceered. I always want to leave my readers with the truth. There you have it. 

Blessings one and all, 

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