five favorites ~ vol. 16 ~ strawberries and more...

It's Tuesday and that means "Five Favorites" with the lovely Hallie@Moxie Wife. Here are five highlights from my day. 

After enjoying a quite day at home yesterday that involved nothing taxing or house cleaning related, it was time to get back at it today. Miss Courtney and I took off early for Poolesville, MD and Homestead Farms. This morning was the first day for strawberry picking and this jam maker takes that day very, very seriously. 

I was not dissappointed. The berries were beautiful and at the peek of flavor. Miss Courtney was tucked under the shade of an umbrella while I picked flats of delightfulness. Oh the jam we will be a making. I can't wait. 

Miss Courtney's hair has been enjoying the humidity. Her curls have been on fire. Today her hair was in a ponytail and it curled into one large corkscrew. I love it when it does that. 

I promised a reader that I would do a post just on Courtney's hair one of these days. I will get it done soon.  

While at the farm, I visited their country store and came home with a few gems. I love checking out what local farmers create. It inspires me to get creative with my own canning and preserving. 

I think the corn relish is going into a southwest salad and the strawberry rhubarb preserves will be made into jam bars. The sweet pepper relish will be the perfect base for sloppy joe's. The LARGE jar of honey will last at least six months...I hope. Yummo!

On our way home from the farm, we stopped in and had lunch with Grandma G. I had the most spectacular marinated steak salad with asparagus and blue cheese. I will be replicating this one as soon as possible. 

I saved the BEST for last. This beautiful young lady has been seizure free for FOUR days. A new record. I pray it continues. Pray with me won't you? 

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