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This past weekend was a very busy one. Between caring for Courtney and fine tweaking her new feeding schedule, there were two First Communions to attend. My niece Sarah and my friend of some sixteen years, Cindy's son Peter. Both of them are my godchildren. 

I love being a godmother. I am blessed to have NINE godchildren. Brian is getting ready to graduate from college and Brooke is a yoga instructor. Erin is a junior in high school and Samantha is a sophomore. Sarah, Peter and Lilly are all in the second grade. Maya is in the first grade. Sean is in preschool. I am one very proud woman. 

I pray for each of these miracles every single day. I try to make sure I spend time with them although it has been challenging with the older two. They live in other states and are very busy bees. Everyone else I see a minimum of three times a year and try to spend one on one time with them, getting to know them and learning what makes them happy. 

I told ALL of their Mama's a long time ago that if they chose me to be the godmother they had better be prepared to raise some strong-willed feisty kids. I will be darned if that is not the case with every single one of them. I gave fair warning, just sayin. To be my godchild seems to mean you gotta have a LOT of spunk and an independent streak a mile long. It's sort of a rule. 

Since today it's Five Favorites Tuesday with Hallie @ Moxie Wife, I thought I would share my five favorite moments from this past weekend. 

Peter Karol is named for the churches newest saint, St. John Paul II and was due on St. Peter's feast day. He arrived a few days later, born at home, #7 of ten awesome kids. He is one very high energy young man with an intellect to match. He loves Jesus and was so reverent when he received Him for the very first time. It was one very special moment and brought tears to my eyes. Of course he tempered that with climbing on the garden wall in his suit after Mass. I told you, independent and feisty. 

Peter is not a fan of smiling for pictures. he would much rather run and play. 

Watching him grow up over the past seven years has been a privilege. I cannot believe he used to be this small. Where does the time go?? It was a lovely moment to pray by the same statue of Mary whom he was dedicated to on his Baptism day. Mother Mary has seen him through so much and I have no doubt she will continue to guide him in the years ahead. 

Peter's Baptism...

On Sunday I had the privilege to see my niece/goddaughter receive her "second" communion. Since both First Communion's took place at the same time at different churches, hours away from one another, a hard choice had to be made. I decided that since Sarah would be surrounded by family on Saturday then wearing her dress to participate in the May Crowning on Sunday, I would go to Peter's First Communion and then spend Sunday with Sarah. Thank goodness Lilly's is later or I would have in some serious trouble as the godmother. Here we are at the statue of Mary next to the little mission church Sarah and her family attend. 

Her little brother Sean, my nephew/godson, joined us. It was a stunningly beautiful day for such a special occasion. 

Sarah received communion in the same church where her mother came into the Catholic church, her parents were married and she (and ALL her siblings) were baptized. I love that. Here we are on her baptism day with Miss Courtney. I have to chuckle when I look at this photo. Court's hair was so short. I was still dying mine. I know now that peach is not a flattering color on me and I am thankful that my weight loss journey continues. 

Sarah's Baptism...
Look at that sweet little bundle. She is now a wonderfully talented artist and has the most beautiful singing voice. She loves to read and writes the best letters and gives the most wonderful hugs. Being her Auntie and godmother is such a joy. 

 It wouldn't be a "Five Favorites" post without a little look at what I wore now would it. You know of my love for blue and this past weekend was no exception. Blue was the name of the game. 

First up Peter's First Communion. I wore a dress from "Taylor Woman" which I just loved. It's sundress with a very full skirt. Not my typical style but with the heals and short sweater I really liked the end result.

Next up was Sarah's. This dress was my Mother's Day gift from my husband. It's from Talbot's. A navy/creme sheath dress in a double-knit. It has some weight to it but I love the princess seams. They are very flattering on any body type. I decided to pair it with a pop of yellow. 

So there you have it. My Five Favorites. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!! 

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