pretty, happy, funny, real 2014 ~ vol. 10...

I spent most of the night in the "comfy" chair by Miss Courtney. She had several seizures throughout the night complicated by the pretty consistent coughing that has been part of her aspiration pneumonia. This morning was filled with a nebulizer treatment, suctioning and lots of cuddles with Mama. 

I got her up and dressed and she seems to be much happier now. Please keep those healing prayers coming. My girl is a fighter. There will be no giving up in this house. 

"Big Bertha" is being repaired as we speak and we should have her back tomorrow. We put the PayPal button back up and due to your generosity, so far we have raised $1635.00 of the $2100 we needed. I am so very humbled and grateful for your generosity and kindness. Again if you feel called to contribute, you can use the PayPal button here or to the right of the blog. We have $435 left to cover. As always we are trusting that the good Lord will take care of it. He always has. 

I realized it has been a month since I have done a {p,h,f,r} post. Well that just won't do. So here's to finding contentment in the midst of the storms of life. 


Before I got Miss Courtney up this morning, I spent a little quiet time reading and sipping some hot tea. These beautiful flowers came yesterday from Miss Grace. They made my week. Truly. Now they are opening up and they were the perfect backdrop for my morning quiet time. It was a lovely deep breath needed to start my day. 


I am really looking forward to participating in a little FB sew-a-long with the lovely Miss Michele. This is the pattern and fabric I have chosen. Happily I had everything on hand in my stash. I just need to take some new measurements from Miss C before cutting. 

It has been way too long since I have made anything for my girl and I just feel the need to make her something pretty. I promise to take photos as we go along. 


The only smile I have seen on my daughter in three days. Of course it was kisses from Daddy that made it happen. 

Well, he makes me smile too. 


Remember this hairstyle???

After I put this photo of Miss Courtney on instagram and FB my email box was flooded with suggestions on how to care for her corkscrew curly hair. 

Introducing the "Knot Genie"...

...or as we now call it in our house "The Miracle Brush". No tears, no knots just perfection. 

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~