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Reading the fabulous book by Jennifer Fulwiler "Something Other Than God" which can be purchased here.
Go buy it! You will love it.
(photo borrowed from instagram) 

Sorry all for not posting in a few days. It has been a little busy here at Chez Lenaburg. We are all fine, so no worries to those of you who sent emails of concern. Life just overwhelms me on occasion with all the details that need to be addressed on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. If you want to follow my daily action, instagram is my go to in a pinch. Go ahead and follow me there or by Facebook. I will usually post at either one of these outlets before writing it out here. 

We had a BIG Gastro appointment for Miss Courtney on Friday morning. She has lost three more pounds but we think we have narrowed down the why and after some discussion with the feeding team we have established a new plan on how we can get some meat on her bones. 

We started yesterday and it is like having a newborn again. Feeding every two hours. She is happy and smiling more so I will do whatever it takes to make that the norm. 

So this morning we got ready for Mass and Miss Courtney was NOT interested in getting up. You can check out how I found her on instagram. Too funny. 

After wrangling the hair, teeth brushing and outfit arranging she was ready to go. I thought I did pretty well this morning. She is wearing a skirt from Boden, blouse from JCrew (gift), and a cardi from the Joe Fresh Line at JCPenney. Classic preppy look for my girl. The tights are Macy's home brand and the shoes are Stride Rite. 

I think she look beeeutifulll. 

As for me, I am wearing a fabulous dress from Ralph Lauren, bought last fall at Macy's for 60% off during one of their insane coupon weekends. I was with my sweet friend Sharon O. (Happy Anniversary this day!!) and we were doing a little "Hey we lost weight we need new clothes to celebrate" shopping and found this gem. 

The cut is perfect for my apple shaped body providing a waist and some tummy coverage. I wasn't sure about the print at first, but Sharon loved all the bold colors and convinced me to try it on. 

She was right. It worked. 

The one thing I cannot stand about plus size clothing is that apparently my knockers are supposed to be on constant display for the world to see. It drives me mad!! How is one supposed to be fashionable and modest while trying not to look like their 90 year old German grandmother or as if I am wearing a burka?? Argh. 

So challenging to find something that isn't too low cut. These babies were made to be seen by ONE man and one man ONLY. Thank goodness for safety pins.

I have a bonus for you. I just wanted to prove that I do wear something other than blue. Yep...that's grey and white. I know, I know...exciting stuff in my wardrobe. Hey, there is a little bling on that top. Just enough to say "I am so not boring 87% of the time."


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