what i wore sunday ~ vol. 52...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. "Big Bertha" is humming like a dream and home once more due to your generosity and kindness. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many who care for our girl and her daily needs. 

Miss Courtney continues to recuperate for her pneumonia which is taking a bit longer than we hoped. We are assured by the pulmonary team that she is doing as well as can be expected and rest is what she needs most. That and about a 15 pound weight gain. So eat we shall. Courtney, not Mama. This Mama needs to cut back on the carbs and get back to the clean eating again. We'll talk about that another time.   

Today was a special one. 

After Mass I headed north on 95 to celebrate the college graduation of my eldest godchild, B, and his twin J from the UMD. Both boys graduated with honors and already have spectacular full time jobs. 
The graduates with godmothers and godfathers. 
It was a very special day for my friend Sharon whom I have known since I was 15 years old. She is Courtney's godmother. Unfortunately Miss Court doesn't handle the heat well so she stayed back with Daddy so I could spend as much time as possible catching up and visiting.

It was wonderful to see Sharon and her parents again. I spent many evenings after Color Guard practice at their dinner table. There were sleep overs and late nights giggling, movie watching and popcorn and later they even hosted my bridal shower. 

Mr and Mrs B treated me like another daughter and I love them for it. It was a proud day for them to see their grandsons do so well. They have all supported me and my family with nothing but love and prayers ever since Miss Courtney showed up in the scene. I don't know what I would have done without them. 

I wanted to be comfortable so I went with a cotton and linen combo. I have always been a fan of madras plaid and have lost enough weight to feel like I didn't look like a lounge chair wearing it. I paired it with a kelly green sleeveless linen button down. 

I am trying to be at peace with my upper arms. NOT the most attractive part of my body but I remind myself every day that they are strong and lift my 93 pound daughter several times a day. I can do push ups and I plank like a boss. I just wish they were trimmer. Slow and steady wins the race my friends...slow and steady...and LOTS of upper arm work. 

Here is what I wore this week. You can see that I wear jeans almost everyday since it is easier to care for Miss Court with all the bending and lifting I do. I will say though, that the maxi dress is way comfy and doesn't interfere with movement.

I really do need to figure out a new pose. Wowza! Bor-ring!

I have been trying to get dressed every day in something other than yoga pants. I gotta tell you that there are days when that effort feels Herculean. The draw of elastic is a powerful thing my friends. Powerful indeed.

Miss Courtney has been wearing jams and sweats so much recently that I only got three photos this week of her in something other than that. I did notice that we had a red/white/blue thing going on though. I guess were're just practicing for the summer festivities.

There you have it my friends. I wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day. May God Bless this country and ALL those who have given there lives to keep us free. 

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