a full cup of happyish ~ #1000 gifts...

In my cup::
...I started a new housework schedule today. I am feeling productive once more. How I miss feeling productive. Today is laundry day and I am almost done. Wahoo!! I am determined to get things done on my list and to do them well.  

Sitting in::
...the living room with Miss Courtney. She is smiling and happy at the moment. We had to go out and get her AFO's adjusted this morning which did not make her happy but she got through it. 

Listening to the sounds of::
...the pun-dents on the TV going over this morning Supreme Court rulings. A BIG day today. BIG day!

The sun is::
...shining for now. It is hot and humid with a high of 95 degrees. We are expecting thunderstorms this evening. Welcome to summer in Northern Virginia.  

Courtney is currently::
...singing to me. Next up on her list of daily activities is lunch. it is a princess life she leads for sure. This week brings PT on Wednesday and then a four day weekend with Papa home. We are both looking forward to it. 

Her seizures have calmed for now. One a day which is pretty darn good. Now if she has gained weight when we weigh her tomorrow, life will be pretty darn good. 

Something beautiful::
I took this photo of water lilies several weeks ago. I just love the beautiful colors of the lillies. I had no idea there were other colors other than white. They are stunning. 

Something Stylish:
Here is what I am wearing today. Black maxi dress, blinged out black and whire striped sweater and my first pair of gladiator sandlas. I have to say these sandlas are very comfy. I love them.  I am in the last week of the Get Your Pretty On Challenge with  Allison @ Get Your Pretty On. I have learned a lot about pattern mix and color oairing. It has been lots of fun. 

What's on my mind::
...this weekend really helped get some things squared away for me. It's  

What I am praying for:
++ Amanda who ten years old and fighting cancer with a grace and strength that amazes me. She is currently fighting an infection that is causing all kinds of trouble with her weakened immune system, so prayer would be so appreciated. 

++ Elizabeth DeHority who is also fighting cancer and could really use some serious prayer support as well. 

++ Miss Courtney - so she will keep gaining weight. Pretty please Lord. Pretty, pretty please Lord. 

++ in thanksgiving for the safe return of our Youth Ministry kids who have just gotten back from a week in the mission field. So proud of them and their hard work. 

++ for my Mom who is traveling internationally right now. That this trip is everything she hopes it would be. 

++ For my husband and son who are both in the midst of making some tough choices in regards to their future employment. For wisdom and discernment.  

Adventuring in the kitchen::
Our second fridge died this past weekend, so this week is all about eating what is one hand. So there will be corn chowder tonight, BBQ chicken tomorrow and roasted beets at some point. Lots of fresh veggies to use this week. Time to branch out with the salad recipes. 

Sewing with my Bernina::
I am currently working on a few quilt tops for baby gifts and I may finally get that dress done for Miss Courtney that I started. We shall see what the week brings. I am also still working on getting my sewing space cleaned up and organized. One day at a time.  
This week will bring::
...an AFO adjustment this morning, PT on Wednesday and 4th of July on Friday. I wish we could be at the beach but that won't be happening anytime soon. So home it is. I know there will be some sort of grilling and lots of chilling out going on here. Now to pick out some yummy recipes to try. 

:: giving thanks for

#2135 ~ #2156 

** a beautiful weekend with my husband
** the words "i love you" whispered in the dark
** our eight couples that began learning NFP this past Saturday. May God guide them in their marriage prep and planning. 
** fresh summer corn straight from the farm
** humming and singing from my daughter
** NCIS DVD's...a great time to knit or embroider
** new recipes to try
** warm fluffy towels ready to go when you get out of the shower
** a new homemaking schedule
** a "dream" list to strive for
** happy smiles and laughter shared with friends
** a mother who loves me  more than I can ever truly comprehend
** double-stuff Oreos
** fresh herbs form the garden
** ice cream bought at the farmer's market
** the generosity of so many who love and support our daughter
** Mass with our pastor with an inspiring yet challenging sermon
** exercising with my husband
** friends who keep you moving toward your goals
** God in His infinite wisdom and glory 
** coconut oil chocolate chip cookies
** YOU!!

What’s in your cup? 
What’s sweetening your life?
Tell me all about it, I’d love to hear and join in the conversation.
Kristin @ Vine of Plenty

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