if you have a moment today...

If you have a moment to send a little prayer Miss Courtney's way today, we would be so grateful. She had her weigh in and the news is not good at all. She now hovers at 90 pounds, having lost all the weight she gained at the last weigh in. We are working on a new diet plan. 

I am worried, very worried. 

This is not something I admit readily, but today I am not feeling very strong or encouraging, so bear with me.  

Please don't say you are sorry. There is nothing to be sorry about. This is no one's fault, just a medical bump in the road. Please do not offer any dietary helps. I have a pile of them that we have tried over the last ten years. We know the foods she can and cannot have, it's just finding the right combo to sustain her weight. Also the continuing seizures do not help our cause. 

I do not mean to come off as rude or insensitive but right now we just need some prayer support for wisdom and guidance on the next steps to take to help our girl. 

She can't afford to lose any more weight. 

Just send up a prayer for wisdom on how we proceed. 

Blessings all,