migraines and sweet potatoes...

I went to bed last night fighting a migraine. I tried to run far and fast taking some mild meds, holding off on the heavy duty stuff. It caught up with me in the wee hours of this morning.

The migraine won.

By five a.m. this morning my head was going to split in two and throbbing. My neck was spasaming and I was in a LOT of pain. I had double vision and the whole shebang. Stress and hormones can be a killer combo. I knew I had been working up to one for several days but just kept trying to keep it at bay.

Like that ever works.

Ah well. After I took my major meds and went back to bed, things inproved. I woke up at 2:30 this afternoon thinking it was around 10 a.m.

Yes, the migraine drugs are good. Very, very good.

Jerry had spent the morning taking care of Miss Court and I found them reading books together on the sofa. My hubby looked up and started laughing. Apparently I had a major case of bed head. I looked like a peacock.

That's what showers are for people.

After a long hot shower, some scrambled eggs and coffee (after all i thought it was still morning), the day looked brighter. I spent it making sweet potatoes for my girl, writing thank you notes, making our weekly menu, paying bills,  and rubbing Miss Courtney's back which has been bothering her these last few days. The boys took care of the mowing, weed eating and outdoor work that needed doing. Then they actually offered to do the small grocery run as well.

SCORE! No grocery stores on a Saturday for this Chica. So very grateful for that gift. I am blessed by these two guys I live with. Life father, like son. Good men indeed.

Anyway, tonight we will have a lovely NCIS marathon, via the DVD, accompanied by a fabulous a Chicken Basil Pesto Salad sandwich, the recipe of which I will share next week. It is quite yummy! Then it will be bedtime for Bonzo and her circus.

Hope you had a great day! Check in tomorrow for What I Wore Sunday. It's a party!


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