trying to avoid my m.o.n.d.a.y.

Lest you thing this chick has all her socks in one basket...

Did you get it??

Laundry's all I have this morning.

The laundry needs to be washed, folded and actually put away. (#$%@* the putting away part)

The dry cleaning needs to be unbagged and put away. (again with the &^%$# putting away thing!)

The dishwasher needs to be unloaded AND then reloaded?? Seriously??

The bathrooms need to be wiped down...blech 101.

There is dusting and scrubbing and vacuuming and...and...and..

Needless to say, I am trying to avoid my Monday.

Seriously...desperately trying...

On the bright side...

The ham is on low in the oven, for dinner. Score one for pork!

The beds have been made (miracles do happen).

Courtney has been fed 3 times by tube and once by mouth, right on schedule. She is now napping like a good little princess.

I, of course, am trying to avoid my Monday by wearing my very s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y work out gear hoping to actually work out today, but instead sitting here giving you the mundane breakdown of my day.

I know. Procrastination thy name is Mary.

Hubby just called and I bemoaned my lot in life to which he happily replied, "I never promised you a rose garden..."

Crap...I need to weed that too.

Dear Monday...go away...