It's T.t.t.t.t.tuesday...

We have had a good day here in Lenaburgland. Only one seizure for Miss Courtney and I got almost everything done on my "to do" list and on top of that I made an awesome dinner. Greek Tacos anyone?? They were delish. I promise. 

Anyhoo, this week is a bit calmer as far as doctor's visits go. Only one appointment and then we have PT. I like it. It almost feels like a vacation. Yes, I know how insane that sounds but it is my life. 

We don't do normal here. 

The big news though is that Miss Courtney has finally gained a 1.5 pounds! 


Who knew you could get so excited about gaining 1.5 pounds!! But we do, we do! 

I was so flipping relieved that she gained. Now we just need to keep going. I am happy with 1.5 pounds a week. She can gain it, I will lose it. Sounds like an awesome plan, no?

So thank you to everyone who is praying daily for my girl. Keep them coming. Your support means so much. 

You can add in an extra prayer for wisdom for Jerry and I  as to how we will pay for her new wheelchair seat. It's going to be a very tight squeeze, kind of like me wearing Spanx a size smaller than I should. 

I know, not a pleasant situation but then medical debt never is. We will figure it out. We always do. 

Happy Tuesday Y'all...

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