what I wore sunday ~ vol. 53 ~ and there was tea...

Hello my friends. 

I finally had a moment to sit and post WIWS. It's been a crazy busy day with a few highs and lows, but then that's everyday around here. 

I was invited by a local Catholic Homeschooling group to give a talk at their annual Mother - Daughter Tea. I was quite honored to be asked and very excited when today finally arrived. Miss Courtney had been having a fantastic week, completely seizure free. Actually she had just entered her tenth day of no seizures when we arrived for the tea. She was happy and smiling as you can see. 

I got to visit with several old homeschooling friends and had the privilege of making some wonderful new ones. We were having a lovely time and then whammo! About ten minutes before I was to give my talk, Miss Courtney went into a major five minute grand-mal seizure with tonic-clonic jerks, gagging, eye rolling, moaning and crying. 

All I thought in that moment was "Seriously Lord! On a Sunday, a day of REST! Come on!" I jumped into action and am so grateful for my friend Caroline and her sweet daughter Hannah, who weren't frazzled at all, just quietly helped me. 

Once the seizure finished, Courtney went to sleep and I gave my talk. The show must go on. 

I was gently reminded a few hours later that God is in control of all things and he has a purpose as to why he allows things when he does. 

So, we will reset the seizure clock and pray that we have more days of peace. No matter what, God id faithful and will give me what I need to get through whatever comes. He has never abandoned me before, so I am pretty confident that he is with me now. 

My talk was titled "Ten Life Lessons I Learned in Grade School". My audience laughed, cried and seemed to enjoy it. I am sure all they will remember is Lesson #4 which was "Always speak kindly because you never know when the boy you called a "donkeybutt" in the fourth grade will grow up to be a priest. It can make confession a little awkward." Just sayin. 

Yes, all my lessons were learned the hard way. Humiliation can be a harsh teacher but makes for great stories later in life. 

After the talk Miss Courtney was really fussy and wanted to get out of her chair. She kept arching her back and stretching out her legs which are clear signs. Since she had her braces on, I got her up for a little stretch. 

One of my table mates took this photo. I had no idea her belly was hanging out. Sweet Molly. I wish someone had said something. Anyway, it's the only photo I have of her whole outfit. She is wearing a blouse form the JCrew Outlet and a KGS Original skirt. All she is missing is a belly button ring. Good grief. 

I based my whole outfit off this cute little purse I have. It's made out of a book cover of the third Nancy Drew book "The Bungalow Mystery", one of my personal favorites. I went with blues and greens (big surprise) and then added gold and yellow stones for my jewlery. The shoes you have seen before and are one of my favorite pairs. The skirt is linen and from Lane Bryant. The patterned shell is from Talbots and the sweater from Land's End. The jelwery is Talbots and Lane Bryant. 

I really like how it all came together. 

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