what i wore sunday ~ vol. 55...

It has been a lovely weekend here at Chez Lenaburg. We have celebrated with dear friends a 50th birthday and a 28th Wedding Anniversary. There have been wonderful stories told, lots of laughter and good food.

This morning we celebrated Trinity Sunday and Fr. Hayes had an awesome homily on how Our Lord reveals the "mystery" of who He is to us over the course of our life times. He never changes but our understanding of Him is constantly changing as we grow in knowledge and love. 

It was one of the best homilies I have heard on a long time. I have much to ponder in the week ahead.

Miss Courtney is on an upswing right now. Seizure free for the last 48 hours. She is humming and singing and enjoying being held every day. I will take it for as long as God above wants to grace us.

Since I have been indulging in some pretty rich food and quite delicious sweets this weekend I knew I would need an easy fit with whatever I wore to Mass today. I put in place a "No SPANX" rule for today which left me with fewer options.

I also had to serve as an Extra ordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the 9 a.m. Mass this morning, so no pants. I ended up going with a strapless, bandeau navy polka dot maxi dress, a crop sweater and crocheted sandals.

It was wonderful. No constriction at all. The only issue I had was that the strapless bra I usually wear, was not to be found ANYWHERE this morning. I mean St. Anthony totally let me down. Still can't find it. 

So I went with Plan B. A flesh colored bra with straps and a sweater to cover. Worked like a charm. No problemo.  

This past week I have dug deep into my closet to come up with some "new" combinations of clothing. First up we have a denim blouse, patterned skirt combo. I wore this to a wake last Monday night. It was so flippin hot, that I was rethinking the denim before I ever left the house. Thankfully the air conditioning was very efficient at the funeral home and it ended up being the right choice. 

Next up we have a red/white/blue combo I wore last week. I love the covered button gingham earrings. They are so much fun. I also wore my "sailing boat" Bermuda shorts. This is the only typo of shorts you will see me in. No one needs to be exposed to my squishy things thats for sure. LOL! 

I am happy with how the blue/white stripe top worked out. Of course there was the plaid flip flops. You can never go wrong with plaid. Never.

We were in a red/white/blue mood that day because Miss Courtney joined in on the fun. This is one of my favorite outfits of her's. I love the sweatshirt top that has bows on it, the bold red pants and of course you need the hair ribbon to tie it all together?? Right??

Finally, I wore my royal blue Land's End empire dress which you all have seen before. This time I added in some fab Kate Spade earring s and a lovely yellow scarf from Francesca's. I was comfy and dressed a little above my typical shorts and t-shirt. Other than the unflattering look at my upper arms nicknamed "Helga", I was fairly pleased with this look as well.

Miss Courtney jumped in with a denim skirt and a beautifully feminine yellow "lace' front cardi. She looked so grown up and lovely. 

That's all folks. What we wore this week. Tomorrow I begin participating in a little fashion challenge I signed up for. I will give you all the deets in another post I promise. It's going to be fun. 

Happy Father's day to all the Papa's out there. To my father-in-law, thank you for contributing to the greatness that is my husband. To my Daddy in heaven, thank you for all the lessons I learned at your side. To my six brothers who are all Dad's now, thank you for carrying on the family  tradition of love and service first taught to you by our father. Finally, to my husband Jerry, thank you for never giving up, especially when the going got tough. Thank you for making me a better woman and mother. 

Have an awesome day one and all!!

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